"New" Artist of the Month January 2020

Elijah Santano, more widely known as Booka (the Golden Child), is an urban artist hailing from Brooklyn who has quickly set the New York entertainment scene on fire. The nickname Booka, adorned on the rapper by his family from a young age, is followed by more visually accurate referrals citing his brief aesthetic of blonde hair in his earlier years of high school. An artist who flirts between and fuses Soul, Boombat and Trap, his vocals alternate between swift boasts and smooth hooks. Booka has made steady strides towards the mainstream with aspirations to fuse old school Hip Hop with an element of youthful energy. His mission has always been laser sharp: To make magic in the studio, create inspiring videos and to share his artistry with fans from around the world.

Now 17, Booka has been rapping since before he could talk. Highly influenced by artists such as Outcast and Ice-T in his childhood, Booka regards Eminem as his biggest musical influence. He is mastering his craft by collaborating skillfully and creating music to share with his expansive fan base. At a young age, Booka began writing lyrics, progressing to freestyling with his peers in Brooklyn, searching for lyrical inspiration and working to improve his own skills. Today, he utilizes music as a medium for storytelling, usually ascertaining content based on the mood of the beat with which he is working.

As Booka continues to expand his artistic reach, he remains driven by his dreams. He is rebellious in his way of thinking, and inspired to show his audience that you can become whatever you want to be if you believe, stay determined and work hard. As Booka continues to develop into a professional artist, his voice, delivery and lyricism can not be denied as he gains a reputation as a lyrical assassin. His latest release has garnished significant attention fromindustry leaders and icons such as Funk Flex on New York’s Hot 97 FM radio “This is what New York City sounds like!” in late 2016, thrusting Booka into the forefront of his hometown’s music scene.

Booka’s reputation has strengthened significantly, early on in his career, making him capable of creating compelling concept records. Booka is ready to dominate the charts in 2017, fueled by global ambitions with performances on deck and the release of his debut EPK, featuring his first single, “Girl.”

Booka Banks