"New" Artist of the Month March 2020

Jenevieve made the perfect introduction with her first ever release as a musician, the hypnotic and soulful "Medallion," which was released with a beautiful black and white video accompaniment. Jenevieve is a 22-year-old singer and songwriter with a history in dance who is based in L.A. and was raised in Miami. She namechecks legends like Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Quincy Jones, Prince, and The Beatles as influences, looking to the past for inspiration without falling into the trap of simply imitating what has come before.

"Me and Jean Benz, the main artist I work with in LA, wrote 'Medallion' about a family we know who had to move away from the city after their house got shot up," Jenevieve explains. "For me, 'Medallion' represents that thing you hold closest to you and would do anything to protect."

With only one song out, it might seem hasty to include her in a list like this, but Jenevieve's debut was undeniable. Plus, we've heard some of the unreleased tracks, and they're sounding great.