Reggaeton Artist of the Month May 2018

RanditoDelFlo is a Spanish, Urban Artist. Although born in the United states he comes from Dominican Immigrant parents, because of this he is known to always input the influence of the Latin music he grew up with and learned to love though his upbringing into all his music. The love of creating music come from watching his brother play the guitar and later teaching RanditoDelFlo how to play the guitar himself. At at the of 11 he became part of his brothers band where he developed a ear for music and started developing his own.

Although RanditoDelFlos music thus far can be interpreted as commercial music directed towards love, he had this to say " I will admit I find that love songs are easy for me to write and its easy for me to steer that direction, but I have so much more in store to show how diverse my music is. I am no cookie cutter artist."

RanditoDelFlos latest song "El Perdon" is a mix of R&B and Spanish Trap about a man who has committed the ultimate betrayal and is pleading for forgiveness. You can find his Latest song on all current music digital platforms