Reggaeton Artist of the Month October 2018

His name is Austin Santos, but in the music industry he is known as ARCANGEL, the artist who from 2007 demonstrated the strength and potential of an independent product achieving success until then without precedents in the history of the urban genre.

Born in New York of Dominican parents, in 1985, ARCANGEL grows in a musical environment provided by his mother, Carmen Santos, who then integrated the well-known tropical group Las Chicas del Clan. ARCANGEL adopts the music as its natural setting, assimilating different musical styles in vogue but with a clear and forceful vision of the project that wants develop.

The urban artist Tempo serves as his initial inspiration for his material dreams and on that path he meets his today colleague De La Ghetto, who also I made my way with his talent. The junte was inevitable. Arcángel and De La Ghetto emerged in the hot and fertile landscape of reggaeton achieving a contract with Baby Records, company owned by the also artist Zion. Low this label the duo achieved successes like "Aggressive", "Surprise" and "Fanatic", which they placed them as the new and solid offer of the genre. ARCANGEL defined a very own style, with subtle R & B notes that proved to conquer the public aware of this musical aspect and immediately it was placed as the most important figure of that new strain of young artists.

Fate leads ARCANGEL to separate from Baby Records, urging him to launching alone under the protection of your own company, Flow Factory Music and with the handling of his mother. Since then it is known as ARCANGEL ... THE WONDER, adjective that corresponds to the success achieved with topics in the first places of preference, three full functions capacity in the Fine Arts Center of San Juan and a full house in the Palace of Recreation and Sports in Mayagüez, both places listed as first category. Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, the Netherlands and the United States enjoyed ARCANGEL presentations without it having a record production in the market, which represents a historic achievement in the genre and in the record industry.

From this fact ARCANGEL becomes one of the greatest artists demand, with full and attendance records in places like Florida, Connecticut, New York, Virginia, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, Georgia and in Latin America in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and the Caribbean islands Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. In 2008 the ARCANGEL talent arrives to the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, an event to which added the signature of the spectacular producer Luny Tunes as its producer Musical. That's when he signs a distribution contract with the seal Machete Music / Universal for its new musical proposal, "El Fenómeno" became a sales success.

ARCANGEL has savored other facets of popular art, such as the performance, starring in the film "Death in Paradise", the first Puerto Rican film based on the genre of reggaeton.

In 2009 he started the tour titled Arcángel ... Europe Tour, with which conquered the public as a prelude to the exit of Optimus Arca, a new production that was also given to its audience in digital format. The ARCANGEL's career was observed by the industry in general, achieving nominations in Premios Juventud and Premios Lo Nuestro. Since then he has continued with successful presentations in Central and South America as well as in the cities of Málaga, Seville and Barcelona in Spain. In 2011 the Young artist collaborates with Daddy Yankee and Don Omar in two themes that they became world hits, Panamiur and Kuduro Dance.

In 2012 ARCANGEL takes one of the most important steps of his career joining the recording and management house PINA RECORDS, the company independent of greater strength worldwide and specialized in gender urban. At the time the tour begins Feeling, Elegance and Evil ... the Tour, which takes you to the United States, Latin America and Europe. ARCHANGEL is integrated into LA FORMULA, the revolutionary concept created by Rafael Pina, known as "El Mogul" of the genre, to offer you a totally new and attractive to the urban movement fans.

Your entrance to PINA RECORDS represents one of the most important movements of the genre this year, guaranteeing the fans great surprises that will be diagrammed and led by a team that will delineate new strategies to catapult ARCANGEL's career