Reggaeton Artist of the Month March 2018

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista was born on December 10, 1990 in the Dominican Republic (Santiago De Los Caballeros). is a composer and singer of urban music and Latin pop.

He started singing since he was two years old. During his childhood he used to sing and dance for his family just for entertainment, his own mother is his main inspiration for his voice and his charisma. At the age of eight, Natalia Gutiérrez enrolled in the School of Fine Arts of Santiago, RD, where she took singing lessons and was able to develop her vocal skills as an artist. She describes those moments of education there as one of the best in her life. "Since I was little I've always had a great admiration for great artists like Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill and Jerry Rivera."

At the age of fourteen, Natalia began to record songs just for the pleasure, however shortly after Natalia decided to follow her dreams and seek better opportunities as an artist in the USA. One of the challenges was to have the support of his father, who at that time was a university professor hoping to see his daughter following in his footsteps. Because of her talent and passion for music Natalia decided to become Natti Natasha. Her friendship with the musical producer who is now known as "Linkon El Director", took her to New York in the studio to collaborate and produce songs like "Beyond 3000" with Syko and Kendo Kaponi, "Hold Yuh Remix" with Gyptian and Don Omar, "Crazy In Love" with Farruko, "Makossa", "Tus Movimientos" and the unforgettable world hit "Dutty Love". These successes have taken her to the pinnacle of success in Natti Natasha's career. The collaboration in "Dutty Love" with who was his mentor and musical godfather Don Omar, made Natti Natasha one of the most successful female voices in recent times, not only in Latin America, but also in the United States and Europe, achieved record of permanence in the # 1 step of the prestigious Billboard magazine for 54 consecutive weeks and was one of the three most successful singles in the series "MTO2: New Generation" after its release in 2012. The song managed to get 3 billboard awards for Natti Natasha , became the most played song on Spotify® and has more than 35 million visits on VEVO. The formula of Don Omar and Natti Natasha is repeated again in "Perdido En Tus Ojos", a more urban song with changing rhythms to pop that enchants and spreads, this collaboration is one of the most important of the production "The Last Don II" of Don Omar, since its launch on June 16, 2015 dominated digital sales for a long period of time and reached the highest position in different music listings.

In June 2012, he welcomed to the iTunes® platform his EP album "All About Me", the first English musical record by the artist and the record label Orfanato Music Group, to which he belonged since 2010 until the beginning of 2015.
The success of Natti Natasha has gone far from being the winner of three Billboard awards to Latin music, a Latin Grammy, Tu Mundo Awards and nominations to Premio Lo Nuestro (PLN), her music has managed to occupy the top positions in digital sales and conquer the radio stations of the United States and Latin America. You can see that he has collaborated with other international artists such as Farruko in "Crazy In Love", "I Have Lo Mio" with Messiah The Artist, "Together We Can Fly" with Henry Santos, the most recent with Tony Dize in " I Miss You The Value "and" Love Of Crazy "with Ken-Y. The preparation and artistic quality he has acquired has been reflected in his work with renowned producers such as Jumbo "El Que Produce Solo", Alcover and Xtassy (ANX), Dj Robin and the multi-award-winning Tainy, remarkable musical quality in his music and stepping on the most important stages of the world.

Natti Natasha in addition to singing has stood out for composing songs, starting with "Tus Movimientos" where he collaborated again with Don Omar and that undoubtedly became another success for both performers. The music of Natti Natasha is framed more in the urban genre, pop and Caribbean styles although in different musical projects has had important changes in his style that have surprised and pleased his audience. His voice is potential for all kinds of music and always shows original in his vocal development. It is considered the most awarded female artist in the Dominican Republic and with the greatest projection in the world.

Natti Natasha