DJ of the Month April 2018

Victor “Baby J” Rodriguez is a New-York born, Puerto Rican Producer, Director, Disc Jockey and Actor, whose career spans over 25 years. As the founder of Baby J Productions, he continually strives to project positive images of Latinos on television. Baby J productions include the Telly Award winning video show “Sabroso Video”, and producing and maintaining the 24 Hour Cable Network TV channel LUTV (Latin Unlimited Television).

He grew up in Woodside, Queens and began to DJ at the age of twelve. With his unique style and magnetic personality, Baby J began to carve out a career as a DJ, bringing the music to the masses. Beginning in the late 70’S, he worked the neighborhood parks, brining out his equipment setting up shop, and rocking the crowds. Uptown wasn’t the only place that had park jams. After building a following at his park jam sessions and several successful parties at the Queens Bridge RIIS Center, he started a weekly party at the Diplomat Hotel. After the first night, word got out about this new hot DJ. After several months, he outgrew the Diplomat and moved to a huge roller-skating rink called U.S.A (United Skated of America) in Jackson Heights, Queens. While at U.S.A, he became a catalyst for Hip-Hop and the hot music trends of the 80’s (Hip-Hop, break dancing, graffiti).

Baby J was one of a few DJ’s who drew legendary break dancers (Crazy Legs, Rock Steady Crew, Dynamic Rockers) from all over to Queens. It wasn’t too long that this family roller rink in the middle of Queens was one of Hip Hops Hot Spots. With his influence and respect in the industry he was able to get some of the best performers such as LL Cool J, GrandMaster 5, Furious 5, Afrika Bambatta, Dougie Fresh, Run DMC, New Edition, Eric B & Rakim. He was one of the first to bring Hip-Hop and R&B groups into the clubs and doing LIVE shows. In 1980, the word got out fast about this Latin DJ making headlines in Queens with his big parties. Cara Lewis of William Morris called and said you need to play in Manhattan at Roseland Ballroom a 3500+ arena. After a 5 minute set the owners hired Baby J on the spot and asked if he could start that Friday. 
Baby J’s work at Roseland has spanned over 10 years where again he was instrumental in introducing new music to the masses. He introduced new artists such as (Salt N Pepa, Kid n Play, BizMarkie,). After several months, Roseland became the new hot spot to party. For many nights we were at capacity. In the mid 80’s, there was a new sound hitting the clubs called House/Freestyle and once again Baby J was on the forefront and instrumental in making Freestyle music hot. Baby J again was responsible for uplifting the careers of many artists via performances at Roseland - George Lamond, Judy Torres & TKA to name a few. His other NY club appearances have included (Pizza A GOGO, Infernos, Ones, Roxy/1018, Bedrocks, L’Amour East, The CITY nightclub) 

In 1996, Baby J decided to try something new and became a TV producer. He produces an award winning show called “Sabroso Video”. It’s a bilingual music video show that travels the country for events such as P.R. Parade, Calle 8, Source Awards, and concerts at Madison Square Garden, Continental Arena, and Coliseums in Puerto Rico.

The program has featured legendary award winning artists such Marc Anthony, the Legendary Tito Puente, La India & the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz. As the years progressed, Sabroso Video was one of the first shows to introduce and support REGGAETON music, featuring artists such as Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, IVY Queen, Don Omar & & Wissin Y Yandel 
In addition, to his productions and credit Baby J is also the Host for Sabroso Video Show along with fellow hostess Tanya “STAR” Suarez. 

Baby J has also directed numerous television and radio commercials.

While producing Sabroso Video, Baby J was offered an opportunity of creating his own channel. In January 2001 Baby J Productions launched LUTV – LatinUnlimited Television an Urban flavored version of MTV & VH1 that airs Latin and English Music Videos primarily via requests from the viewing public.

Baby J is an active member of Judy Weinstein’s FOR THE RECORD, LATINOS UNIDOS RECORD POOL, NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives). 

In 2005, Baby J appeared in his first movie titled Dirty Shield. Dirty Shield is released by Maverick Entertainment (
Baby J’s other films include an appearance in the Boy Wonder produced Chosen Few II DVD. 

Though not in any of the books written about the beginnings of hip-hop, ask those Legends in the game like Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Andre Harrell, Grand Master Flash and they will tell you that Baby J was on the scene in the cut since day one. Even today the mere mention of his name to some of his peers and fellow Entertainers gives them a reminiscence of back in the day.
Baby J continues to be on the forefront of hot trends in the music biz originally with Hip/Hop, then Freestyle and now with Reggeaton forming bonds with today’s pioneers in the movement.

DJ BABY J a living legend still making history.


DJ Baby J