Chicago Food Film Festival

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Chicago’s Food Film festival returns to marry food and film in a lovely marriage.  At Chicago’s Food Film Festival “what you see is what you eat”. The festival includes 5 ticketed events where audiences of around 250 people are served the food they see onscreen. George Motz, James Beard Award nominated filmmaker says “we like to to call ourselves the multi-sensory experience. If we can’t recreate that moment, we really can’t show the film…” . The Chicago Food Film festival begins November 19th through the 22nd in Kendal College, 900 N. North Branch. Tickets range from $45 to $95 for regular admission ($325 for a VIP pass). Tickets can be purchased online at


Article by:
Jennifer Montero

Airplane Food Now Available for Home Delivery

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While some people like to pack food for the plane, especially if it’s going to be a long ride, others get excited over the chance to indulge themselves in provided meals known as ”airplane food”. For the latter, today might be the happiest day of your life. A German based online grocer, has launched a new food program cleverly named “Air Food One.” For customers who enroll in the program, every week they will be sent either a classic or vegetarian meal created by LSG sky chefs, the food purveyor for Lufthansa Airlines. The frozen meal will be exactly what is being served 35,000 feet above that week For those who ask what the difference is between microwavable frozen airplane food and frozen supermarket food, the difference is in the ingredients. Food that is meant for on air is typically seasoned more heavily than regular food due to the impact of altitude. People tend to get dehydrated on flights and lose their sense of smell so the food is prepared to overcome that, providing the passenger with a unique on air dining experience. The service is currently available only in Germany and costs $12.90 per meal.


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Helen Trieu

Hersh’s Pizza & Drinks Takes a Stand Against Ray Rice

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Ever since the video was released of Ray Rice physically abusing this fiancé, the world has been up in arms about taking a stand against domestic violence. On September 8th, they posted a status on Facebook stating, “Dear Lovers of Women, Not Hitting Women, Non Violence and Just Generally Being a Good Person, Come trade your Ray Rice Ravens Jersey in for a free pizza at Hersh’s. These jerseys will save us money on toilet paper this week. #CutRayRice.” The status got thousands of likes and people are all commending this restaurant for taking a stand. The restaurant also pledged to donate $2.70, a note to Ray Rice’s number being 27, to House of Ruth – an organization for battered women – for every Jersey they collect. Like everything else in the world, even a restaurant standing up for women, there will always be critics. After receiving an excessive amount of phone calls and messages with people spewing profanity and threatening the restaurant with physical violence, Hersh’s has officially ended their Jersey trade-in.

Article by:
Helen Trieu

Fourth Annual Sustainable Food Film Series to Begin

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With our world becoming more and more interested in more organic and natural approaches to eating, there has been an array of educational methods to get the message out there. From conventions to farmers markets, internet videos, documentaries and of now the annual sustainable food film series set in Denver, Colorado. The Fourth Annual Sustainable Food Film Series is set to begin at the Denver Botanic Gardens this week. Screening is $5 for attendees and the film is meant to educate and inform the population of healthy eating. The series will raise awareness on how to grow, produce and consume food in a much healthier and more sustainable way. There will be a total of four films covering organics, sustainable farming, local food, and seafood crisis. The films will be airing beginning September through November at the Denver Botanical Gardens Mitchell Hall. Doors open at 6PM and screenings begin at 6:30PM.

Article by:
Helen Trieu

A Focus on Healthy Eating at this Year’s Let’s Talk About Food Festival

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green and red healthy food


This will be the third annual Let’s Talk About Food Festival, the region’s largest outdoor health education and food festival. Held on Sept. 26-27 of the year, the festival will bring together food writers, scientists, academics and even local and celebrity chefs. The festival will consist of outdoor activities such as gardening seminars, workshops and cooking demonstration for both adults and kids. Some of the faces you will see there this year include White House Pastry Chef Bill Yosses, Harvest Restaurant’s Mary Dumont, Townsman’s Matt Jennings, and Jody Adams from Rialto and Trade. There will be tons of food samples and vendors on site. When asked, the organizers claim that the purpose of the festival is “aimed at increasing the level of public literacy about all aspects of our food system.”


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Helen Trieu

Have your LEGOS and Eat them Too

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All your childhood dreams have come true. As a kid, I was told never to eat my toys. A life lesson that I have come to accept no matter how real my Barbie cupcake looked. But now the game has changed. Designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has created these chocolate LEGOS in strawberry, white, milk and dark chocolate for the kids inside us so we can have our playtime, and well, eat it too. There have been attempts at LEGO candy before with hard candies being sold as toys but they were never quite right as they did not fit together and allow for us to build things the way we were able to with real LEGOS. Mizuuchi’s design however, is both lifelike and tasty. The chocolate LEGOS fit together perfectly to build robots, cars and more. It’s the perfect treat. The one thing I have not been able to figure out however, is how we are able to do this without the chocolate melting in our hands? How did they create these robot chocolate LEGOS without it being smudged or melting? Magic, perhaps? A cold room and a pair of tweezers? We may never know.

Article by:
Helen Trieu

NYC Brings Food Trucks to Kids

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Thumbs up to the New York City Department of Education for this one! This summer meals program, which started a couple of years ago, is a program that is meant to give kids that get free or reduced lunch during the academic school year the same benefits in the summer. The food truck this year is in 4 locations all across NYC – one at Orchard Beach in the Bronx and 3 in Queens near parks and libraries.  Eric Goldstein, CEO of the department’s Office of School Support Services says “By bringing the food to them we’re able to extend our reach in ways that previously were unattainable.” The food trucks are white and colorful with words that promote free meals in bright colors and a number for people to call and find out where the closest food truck is to them.


Article by:
Helen Trieu

Serious Eats Taste Tests Every Pop-tart Flavor

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Who doesn’t love a good pop tart? Definitely not national editor of Serious Eats, Mike Falkowitz, who had the very important job of taste testing the 23 flavors of Pop Tarts from classic to seasonal and novel. According to the respected food blog, the best flavors would have to be Chocolate and S’mores. The team went and categorized the pop tarts into groups of Classic, Frosted Fruit, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Wild, Nutty, Oaty, and Novelties. Although the classic plain with strawberry or blueberry filling are the ones that stood the test of time with their popularity, the other flavors that came in and out have their place in the market as well. The novelties however, do not. “Most successful may be the chocolate chip, which does indeed have the pleasingly gooey texture of melted Nestle chocolate chips. The rest—Hot Fudge Sundae, Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Birthday Cake—all have strong artificial flavors and aromas best avoided,” said Falkowitz.

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Helen Trieu

Summer Campaign, Share a Coke.

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Coca Cola is dominating the summer with their new social media campaign, Share A Coke! The messaging is simple: Cokes are a great refreshing summer drink, so why not share them with someone? The promotional campaign replaces the Coke logo with common popular names among millennials like Liam, Matt, Sarah, Anna, etc., telling people that if they have a friend by this name, give them a Coke and if they don‘t, make one! It’s fun, simple and fits perfectly with our social media enveloped world. In addition, you can now also “tweet a Coke” to friends through Twitter! For $5 you can send your friend a tweet that they can claim as an e-card and redeem at select theaters. In short, if I find a Coke with my name on it, I am definitely buying it. And if anyone decides to tweet me a Coke, my summer will be made.

Article by:
Helen Trieu

Popular NYC Italian Food Destination Poised to Go Global

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Italian dining and shopping destination Eataly has become a must-see for New York tourists and locals alike. Speaking at an event held last night at New York’s La Scuola Grande, Eataly founder Oscar Farinetti announced that the brand is ready to expand not only within New York City but also across the country. There are two new Eataly locations planned for Manhattan—one uptown and one rumored to be down at the World Trade Center—plus new Eataly locations are planned for Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Eataly’s American expansion partners, Joe Bastianich, Lidia Bastianich, and Mario Batali, said that nothing was set in stone with regard to locations, but that’s doing nothing to contain our excitement! Farinetti also hinted that the brand would go global in 2015, with its first South American store, followed by expansion to Moscow and London.

Article by:
Michelle Loeb