Food on the Go: The Best Food Trucks in NYC

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Recently, Zagat has compiled a list of the best food trucks in and around the city which makes hungry travelers really happy on their way home from work. Nothing is more convenient than food wrapped up in tin foil for mess saving efficiency! And the awards go to:

      5. Korilla Food Truck – The Korean Barbecue Truck launched by a young Columbia graduate and winner of the Vendy Award for Rookie of the Year. The combination of Mexican burritos and tacos with Korean BBQ and kimchi will make any mouth water.

      4. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck – Consistently ranked as one of the city’s best ice cream vendors, Van Leeuwan sells the traditional ice cream flavors like chocolate and vanilla along with specialty flavors like ginger and red currant.

      3. Wafels & Dinges – Authentic Belgian waffles taken to the extreme. These waffles come in either savory or sweet, with curious toppings like pulled pork or just plain old butter.

      2. Taim Mobile – A popular falafel and smoothie truck born of the West Village institution. Consistently lauded as one of the tastiest falafel joints in the city, and their Harisa falafels keep people coming back time and time again.

      1. Nauti – City seafood sensation Luke’s Lobster recently rolled out Nauti and the lobster-roll serving truck took top honors. Buttery Lobster and Crabmeat on top of a perfectly toasted hotdog bun? Nothing beats that.

So the next time you’re craving something easy to munch on, hopefully one of these trucks will be parked near you! Otherwise, you can check their websites for their daily locations.

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Cooking for the Future

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Is there anything better than craving your favorite sushi roll or French Dip sandwich, thinking about it all day and heading over to a local restaurant to pick some up? Sinking your teeth into it, chewing slowly (or inhaling it) and savoring the flavors that dance across your palette like soft music. In the over-producing country that is the United States, how can there still be hunger issues? This is a thought that has crossed the minds of many in the last few years due to the astonishing amount of food waste each year- even each day! The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations commissioned a study that found that about “one third of the food that gets produced in the world for human consumption…is lost or wasted.” In the United States, it is estimated to be one half! This disgusting number has inspired many to change their ways and open more opportunity for donation and usage of food before it is spoiled or wasted. Chefs in particular are passionate about this issue and are finding ways to end hunger. Here are some ways they’re doing it:

*Original list by Chef2Chef How Chefs can end Food and Waste

As passionate foodies, chefs can contribute to not only ending hunger, but also reducing CO2 emissions and up to 10% of landfill space! As citizens it is our responsibility to promote the well-being of the planet we call our own. As put by Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

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Can You Feel The Heat?

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The month of May has been a great one at Babalu and the social networks are heating up. “thanks again for the complementary dinner, the seasoning is a killer…what can I say the food was slamming, the passion fruit mojitos were refreshingly good …’no competition out there’“ tweeted Orlando Rodriguez (Pictured below) after last night’s dinner. “the food was out of this world. Everytime we come here, we try something different and we always leave satisfied…Thank you Babalu” said Patricia DeLuca in a Facebook post. Yelp!reviewer Natasha said “I really enjoyed myself with the group I was with and this is a really cool and chill spot to eat some good spanish food and enjoy yourself.” Even location-based mobile app Foursquare expressed great things about Babalu “See for yourself… You won’t be disappointed !!” says Chris L. Stay updated for an end-of-the-month special on all of the complimentary dinner winners and their experiences at Babalu. Remember to fill out a comment card after your meal for your chance to be selected for your own complimentary dinner!

Mila Bello
Orlando Rodriguez

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Another Free Dinner from Babalu

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Last Wednesday, April 25 marked another dinner raffle from Babalu Restaurant in the Bronx. Yecenia Fermin dined with a friend and enjoyed a great selection of menu items offered by Babalu. A crispy Red snapper and the Pulpo Escabeches were two of the many dishes amongst their table that they shared. Her favorite thing about Babalu was a common response of the ambience. The soft lighting and candles create a calm atmosphere that many guests enjoy. She commended the service staff that was well-informed about the menu and that Babalu is “a great local place – I live nearby and I would definitely recommend it to friends.”

Remember, all you need to do is fill out a comment card after your meal at Babalu for a chance to win a Free dinner!

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寿司 Calienté

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How many times have you asked yourself “Mexican or Japanese tonight?” How about both? Hearing Japanese tacos and Mexican sushi,you might instantly think Disaster! Before you jump to conclusions, take a trip to Soho and stop by Taka Taka restaurant on the corner of West Broadway and Grand Street. This place will have your taste buds going crazy with their Japanese-Mexican fusion. Your first time here will be quite the experience, as their innovative ideas do not stop at the menu. Sushi is served by conveyor belt on a plate corresponding to its price; while the restaurant itself, papered on one wall with comic book pages, has a modern and relaxing family-style feel to it. They even have their own mobile application that permits you to scan your receipt for rewards on certain menu items!  I recently stumbled upon Taka Taka while exploring Soho and I must say, the shrimp tempura tacos are a must-try. Bloggers at Grub Street, Zagat and Eater have all raved about Taka Taka, but I challenge you to experience it for yourself.












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Another FREE Dinner from Babalu

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Another week has passed, which means another FREE Babalu dinner has been redeemed. Pictured here is Suheli and Robert Serano who dined on Tuesday April 10th and had a great experience. Their dinner included paellas of two variations, Marisco and Carne complimented by “true Miami-style strawberry mojito” according to Suheli with a flan to finish.  “[The experience] was great! Our server, Mario was awesome!” Owner Ralph Mercado III stopped by to check in on their experience and there were nothing but compliments. Remember that when you fill out a comment card at Babalu, you’re also entering for a chance for your own complimentary dinner. Enjoy!


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Lucky Guest Gets free Dinner

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At Babalu, when information is shared on comment cards, you automatically have a chance of being contacted for a FREE dinner at Babalu just for filling it out! The first of many free Babalu dinners has been awarded and redeemed. Melissa Perez and Santos De Leon dined at Babalu this past Monday, enjoying a full dinner of chicharrones de pollo, churasco steak, tostones and pollo imperal all enjoyed with a pitcher of raspberry mojito. “[the] portions were great, the dressings they use on the steak, tostones and chicharrones de pollo are like nothing I’ve ever tasted!” raves Perez. She went on to commend the waiter’s service being top notch and well-versed in the menu and how friendly the staff was. “It genuinely seemed like coming home to a family dinner.” Get to Babalu to fill out a comment card for your chance to enjoy a complimentary dinner .

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MilkBurger; A Fresh Approach

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Being a foodie in New York, your chances can’t get much better. From pizza a-dollar-a-slice to gourmet cupcakes, organic coffee and everything bagels, New York has some of the hottest food trends from Halal trucks to burger joints on any given day. Today, we head uptown to explore Milk Burger, a fast-growing and deliciously successful burger shop in East Harlem. Serving up a variety of Angus burgers, fries dipped in truffle oil, fresh salads, hand-spun shakes and fresh-squeezed lemonade, Milk Burger has received phenomenal raving reviews about the quality of the food served with a smile. With a tagline like “The Best Burger You Can Get or Your Money Back…” I had to know more, so I seized the chance to speak to the creative genius behind it all, Erik Mayor.

I’m always curious about where inspiration for an establishment like this comes from, and it was a strong entrepreneurial decision based on a trend of places like Shake Shack and Five Guys. So I had to know; with so many places serving up traditional burgers and fries, what makes Milk Burger so successful? Straight-from-the-source, they use only extremely fresh Angus beef purchased from a small vendor in Brooklyn. “Every day, sometimes twice a day” says Mayor. “We don’t store any of it, so it’s only fresh. Never frozen.”
Now there’s a fresh idea. In the convenience-based consumer world we live in, it’s hard to find true quality. Yet, quality means a little more when it’s backed by conscious sustainability. Not only does Milk Burger recycle all cans and bottles, but they use LED lights throughout and recycle their used oil to create biofuel. One step toward a cleaner environment, Kudos!

When asked about future plans for Milk Burger, Erik seemed excited to announce the plans for ten locations by the end of 2013. I can say I’m pretty excited myself. I think I speak collectively for strictly Midtown travelers when I say “Thank You!”

Some reviews from MilkFans:

“The burgers are the best in New York! There’s nothing like them.”
-John “Gungie” Rivera

“I am a regular at MilkBurger. Go there all the time and am never disappointed.”
-Rafael D.

“Well I was just about to go back to being a vegetarian but then I tried Milk Burger. Sorry Cows.”
-Miss A.

Visit to find out for yourself!

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Celebrity Chef Alex Garcia Launches New Line of Authentic Nuevo Latino Cookwear

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Celebrity Chef Alex Garcia, who currently serves as the executive chef at popular New York restaurants including Babalu in the Bronx and the Copacabana Supper Club in Manhattan, has launched a range of authentic Spanish cookware products called Culinary Habana, which will be on display later this month at Chicago’s International Home + Housewares Show. Foodies, amateur chefs and everyone in between can now bring the authentic taste, experience and style of Nuevo Latino cooking into their home with such products as porcelain-on-steel paella pans, tapas pans designed to go from the oven to the table, and more. Each product in the line sports unique Spanish styling and a glossy, lifetime finish that has become Culinary Habana’s signature. For more information, visit

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Chef Garcia Prepares Chicken Roja Vieja

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