Keri Hilson Supports “MTV’s Staying Alive” Campaign

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The “Staying Alive” campaign made by MTV, focuses on eliminating the terrible stigma of HIV. Some of its ambassadors include Travie McCoy, Kelly Rowland and Shawn Decker and now it has some new members: Keri Hilson and Jamal Edwards.

Both new ambassadors were given the task to inspire young people to join the fight against HIV, while also using their own platforms to spread the word.

A few days ago, Keri was interviewed by Verge Magazine Online to talk about her new position as an ambassador for the campaign and how she wants to help the youth in this battle against HIV. “It has become such a compartmentalized thing, but when you look at the statistics, they say that 33 million people around the world and 2500 of our youth, ages 15-24, get infected every single day. I would say, speak up! If you’re not infected or affected, do your research. Go online and empower yourself. Fill yourself with the knowledge. You never know when you’ll encounter it. It’s an epidemic”, she said.

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