RocNation’s Bridget Kelly vs. Young Money‘s Shanell?

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It is no secret that rapper Lil Wayne and Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z aren’t the best of friends. We might even go as far as to say that there might be a little feud between the two over which of them is the best rapper alive. But now it seems like their rap beef is much, much bigger. Apparently Shanell, one of the artists on Lil’ Wayne’s label Young Money, was “robbed” of one of her songs. And who ended up recording it? Bridget Kelly, whose label RocNation is owned by, you guessed it, Jay-Z. The song, titled “White Lies,” was listed on Kelly’s album with absolutely no mention of Shanell as a songwriter. Shanell is understandably unhappy with the situation and decided to go to her Twitter page—as most artists do—to address the situation. She said “so MY song White Lies is now somehow out & on Bridget Kelly’s EP & they ‘forgot’ 2 give me my credit.” We’re going to have to side with Shanell on this one. That song is the only one on the entire CD that does not list any producer or writer, which kinda alludes to the fact that it may have actually been hers. Whether her lack of mention was a mistake or not we can’t say, but something is definitely fishy here.

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