Steve Harvey Wants His Ex-Wife Ex-Communicated

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Thought you knew some exes that had volatile relationships? I’m sure they cannot compare to the horrible relationship between Steve Harvey and his ex-wife Mary Shackerlford, whom he divorced in 2005. Apparently, the drama between the couple all started because of a YouTube video posted by Shackelford in which she addressed marriage issues and supposed infidelity by Harvey. Obviously, Harvey was not pleased at all with this and decided to strike back by throwing her in jail. Yep, that’s right, jail. Not only was she arrested, but to make matters worse, she was arrested in front of her other children. As if that wasn’t enough, Steve decided to present to her a few other gifts while in jail, including a lawsuit and a temporary restraining order preventing her from coming in contact with both him and their son Wynton. Sounds like it’s a little extreme, but whatever, can’t really comment unless you know both sides of the story.

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