Marilyn’s Secret Love for Timberlake

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Marilyn Manson went just a lil’ crazy while partying in Vegas last weekend. He was attending a Halloween bash with friends and model, Lindsay Usich, at the Bellagio, where he began taking shots of absinthe. Around 4a.m. Marilyn wanted to go to a karaoke bar so he and his entourage ended up at the Born and Raised bar, where drinking and shots continued and Manson began singing Justin Timberlake songs. Apparently he wanted to sing them so badly that he had someone download the songs to their ipod and he proceeded to belt out ‘Cry Me a River’ 6 times! Marilyn’s make-up and black leather may be scary, but this is just plain funny. Sadly, Marilyn’s party was pooped on when the sound system at the bar crapped out and he couldn’t handle it. Already annoyed Manson went even more berserk when he found no car waiting for him outside so he insisted on hopping into the driver’s seat of a nearby limo. The limo driver wasn’t having it; when he spotted Marilyn he grabbed him and dragged him out of the car, which led to Marilyn pulling out a knife and waving it around playfully at his friends. Scary that he had a knife on him, but all the more funny when he yelled “I am sorry I went nuts, but I’m a rock star!” Marilyn just wanted to sing a little Timberlake aaaall night long.

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