Babalu Ayé – True to life

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The cast of DC-7: The Roberto Clemente Story visited Babalu in the Bronx Sunday night to celebrate their successful return to the New York stage following an award-winning sold-out run last February as well as this week’s Saturday performance. Their excitement combined with Babalu’s fun-loving vibe, brought the spirit of Latin America to new heights. Jovial greetings and interviews took place as well as a host of photos, along with a tribute to Puerto Rico sung by cast member Johanna Rodriguez.


There’s something to be said about a restaurant with an environment soenticing that everyone present feels a part of a community. As the flames of the candles swayed back and forth, so did everyone in the restaurant. The salsa music inspired the rhythm as cast members, guests and bartenders alike became part of the music, another symphony playing in time with the sounds of the claves and conga drums. It is apparent that Babalu lives up to its tagline: “Where Latin music and food dance together.”

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