Halle Berry has Sweaty Armpits Again!

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Often referred to as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Halle Berry isn’t all that perfect after all. The 44 year old Academy Award winner arrived in the red carpet for the Silver Rose Gala five days ago looking pretty in pink – that’s before you see two patches of sweaty armpits! Halle Berry seems to have a problem in the armpit sweat department. Just last November of 2010, Berry shocked viewers and the live audience of the Ellen DeGeneres show showing two very sweaty armpits and blamed the Indian dancers, which were Ellen’s earlier guests and we quote:


“I just want you to know what those Indian dancers did to me. Look,” she said as the interview started. “I was so nervous for those guys I broke out in a sweat. That’s so embarrassing.”


Well, there are no Indian dancers now. I think its time to face the facts, no one is perfect and that is just fine!

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