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As summer gets closer, retailers are releasing summer lines, TV shows and movies are being mass marketed and new brands of alcohol are making their way to liquor stores everywhere. One of the newest brands will be one from Jersey Shore’s Paul “Pauly D” DelVechhio with his new line of ready-to-drink premixes called REMIX, carried by the creator of Bethenny Frankel’s SkinnyGirl Cocktail premixes. The drink will be marketed toward the “pre-game” crowd before a night out, much like the cast’s own pre-game sessions before a night down the shore. The new drinks were showcased at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Las Vegas early April and sold more than SkinnyGirl did in the first year and a half! With summer growing nearer, there is no doubt that this idea is going to skyrocket!

Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee here are the flavors to expect:

      1). Oye Mojito – a fresh combination of juicy peeled lime and muddled mint, a nod to Pauly’s signature catch phrase “Oye Mojito”
      2). Yeah Yumberry – a one-of-a-kind mix of red berry and raspberry with a hint of dark berry, a play on Pauly’s ever popular “Yeah Buddy” tag line
      3). Strawberry Holla-peno – an unexpected blend of ripe strawberry and jalapeno with a hint of heat, a shout out to get fans fired up and get the party started and
      4). Starfruit – a unique mix of starfruit and apple lime, a play on his own new star power phenomenon.

The drinks will be sold in 750mL bottles and at a suggested retail price of $14.99. Launching primarily in New Jersey (home of the Jersey Shore) and Rhode Island (Pauly’s homestate) as well as a few other key markets will determine popularity and the nationwide release.

“My crew and I are always making amazing mixed drinks before we go out, so I wanted to re-create those flavors for my fans to get their own pre-game on. I mix great on the turntables, so why wouldn’t I make a great mixed cocktail that’s RTD (Ready-To-Drink)?” says the fist-pumping reality star. We’re surprised Ronnie hasn’t tried to start his own line. After all, his was the famous “Ron Ron Juice” that the crew always had before a night out. Maybe that will be something to look forward to.

Happy pregaming!

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