Woody Allen Gets Blasted by Ex-Stepson

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This past Sunday was Father’s Day and all across the country, people went out to celebrate their paternal figures with a nice brunch or dinner. However, not all was happy and joyful in the house of Woody Allen when his ex-stepson blasted him on Twitter.

If you didn’t know, here’s some back story on Woody Allen’s twisted family life. Allen started dating Mia Farrow back in 1980 when she had a ten year old adopted daughter named Soon Yi. Allen and Farrow got married and had a baby boy in 1988. Sometime in the next few years, Allen started having an affair with Soon Yi and eventually got left Farrow to marry her in 1992. And the rest is history.

Soon after that scandal happened, Allen and Farrow’s son Ronan stopped talking to Allen and Soon Yi – except when sending snarky tweets like this one:


Ouch. Very passive aggressive, but perhaps not entirely unwarranted.


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