Mayim Bialik Gets into a Real Big Bang

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Actress Mayim Bialik is known today for playing Sheldon’s sort-of girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory but today the actress found herself in a real Big Bang of a situation when she found herself in a serious car accident in Hollywood. It was a scary situation for the TV star, whose car was hit by a van filled with tourists from Chile. Luckily neither of her two young children were in the car with her! The passengers in the other car escaped with minor injuries but Bialik’s hand and thumb were cut really badly, and doctors were even afraid she may lose the finger. Thankfully, according to reports, Bialik and her thumb are both safe. She sent a reassuring tweet from the hospital, “In pain but will keep all my fingers,” and joked that it was her husband who did the typing. Get well soon!

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