V Stiviano Claims She Was Donald Sterlings Beard, Sues for 10 Million

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Remember Donald Sterling, the former owner of the LA Clippers that was forced to sell his team and was banned from the NBA for being a horrible racist? Well if that wasn’t enough bad news for him this year, things just got worse. V Stiviano, his alleged girlfriend, assistant, and the woman that recorded his racist rant just broke news that she never slept with Sterling because he is actually gay. The allegations came in the form of court paperwork as an answer to Shelly Sterling’s, Donald Sterling’s Wife, lawsuit against Stiviano for money embezzling while being her husband’s mistress. Stiviano claims that the money and presents she received was not in exchange for her sexual relationship with Sterling but to be his beard. She is now filing a counter law suit against Shelly Sterling for 10 million dollars, claiming defamation because the couple accused her of embezzling money and property. You know how when things get so bad, you console yourself by saying, “well at least it can’t get worse”? It just got worse.

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