Indie Rock Band Dealys Frontman Battles Cancer

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Indie rock band Dealys received some horrible news recently. Their front man Greg Gilbert was just diagnosed with bowel and lung cancer. Gilbert is a 39 year old singer who is happily engaged with 2 young children ages three and one. His fiancé has launched a heartbreaking campaign to try to raise enough money for Gilbert’s vital treatments he will need. Gilbert was undergoing medical examines for about two years and within those two years he was endlessly misdiagnosed by specialists. Not to long ago, Gilbert was rushed to the hospital due to not feeling himself lately. There, it was confirmed he had bowel cancer which spread to his lungs. Cancer is a fast spreading disease especially when its not caught in time. Unfortunately the hospital told him that there was very limited things they would be able to do for him. This tragic news took a toll on his fiancé, brother, bandmates, family and friends.

Gilbert is known as a fun, energetic, selfless, caring person. His fiancé earlier explained that Gilbert is genetically incompatible with the only free immunotherapy drug available with no private insurance. The family set up a Gofoundme page seeking for any donations possible to help him get the proper treatment he needs to help win this battle. Keep fighting Greg! Lets keep Greg Gilbert and his family in our prayers as they go through a very emotional and hard time.


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