Heavens gained an abundance of Angels

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With in a blink of an eye, daughter and mother pass away. As you all know Carrie Fisher passed away December 27, 2016 and a day after unfortunately her mother Debbie Reynolds passed away as well. It’s being said that Debbie Reynolds suffered from a stroke. Wednesday morning she was in Beverly Hills at her daughter’s house planning Fisher’s funeral when she started to have trouble breathing. Reynolds had been extremely distraught since Fisher’s health spiraled downhill last Friday. Her son Todd told E! News “She held it together beautifully, but for the last couple of days she was under a lot of emotion and stress from the loss of Fisher and its pretty much what triggered this event.” Imagine the loss of Carrie Fisher but now the loss of Debbie Reynolds too.

Reynolds and Fisher were extremely close to one another. The love and admiration Carrie had for her mother has been truly heartwarming. Reynolds’ Hollywood career lasted more than 65 years. She was an Oscar nominated actress and also received a Governor’s Award and Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. The death of her daughter took a toll on many but the loss of Reynolds a day after had the entertainment world completely distraught.  Heaven gained two unforgettable individual that will greatly be missed. Please take a moment, pray and send your condolence to Reynold’s and Fisher’s family while they go through such a devastating time. Rest in Paradise Debbie Reynolds you will forever be remembered.


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