Queens District Attorney’s Office drops Assault Charges against
Shia LaBeouf

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In January of this year Shia LaBeouf was arrested for having a scuffle in front of the Moving Images museum in Queens, New York. The Moving Images museum had a 24 hour live stream art project that Shia LaBeouf created called “ He will not divide us” to protest against the Donald Trump’s presidency. The Moving Images museum dropped Shia LaBeouf art project in early February because of his arrest. The police told the press Shia LaBeouf was accused of snatching a man’s scarf and scratching the man’s face, which resulted in him being charged with a misdemeanor assault and a harassment violation. A representative from the District Attorney’s office in Queens told the press, “The Queens District Attorney’s Office recently reviewed the facts of the case and declined to prosecute as the evidence available was not sufficient to support the criminal charges.  Therefore, the charges were dismissed and the case has been sealed”.

By: Emily Fermin

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