Believe it or not, it’s happening

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“Did you see what she was wearing?” “Did you hear they were dating?” Well, all the rumors can finally come to a rest because we have the rundown.

Turns out, The Weeknd, and Bella are almost positively back together, after his recent breakup with Selena Gomez, the singer seems to be all over Bella Hadid again, getting cozy with her and the Cannes festival this past weekend. Haley Baldwin and Shawn Mendes? Now we’re needing stitches for our broken hearts, seems the two made their relationship official at the Met Gala last week, although we might be upset he’s officially taken, we can’t deny that those two are just perfect for each other, talk about a good-looking couple. Kanye West taking a break from his phone, but definitely not his Twitter. Singer and rapper Kayne West was starting a feud on Twitter last week due to his outspoken tweets about supporting President Donald Trump, and other outrageous things. Are we surprised? Not really. Seems as if Kanye pulls a little something like this every once in a while, always happens to be right before he comes out with some fire music. Is it a publicity stunt? With Kris Jenner in his family ties can we really be that shocked?


by Serena Vohra

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