Kim did what: Kardashian star advertising appetite suppressant

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Body positivity is all over these days, being able to feel comfortable in your skin, and the way you are. These little kids who look up to these beautiful celebrities want to be just like them but what they don’t realize is that it is nearly impossible. Kim Kardashian West has been greatly criticized for her recent photo on Instagram which showed her sucking on a lollipop that is supposedly an appetite suppressant. The reality TV star, shared to her 11 million followers that the lollipops, “are literally unreal” The sales for the lollipops made by Flat Tummy Co have been increasing at a rapid rate ever since the post was put out there, and even after it was deleted. She has been dealing with a lot of backlash due to the post, as excepted. Definitely not Kim’s best decision.

By: Serena Vohra

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