From Sexually Explicit ‘S&M’ to Sexually Assaulted ‘Man Down’

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Do not mess with Rihanna. In her recently released new music video ‘Man Down’ Rihanna displays her vengeful side. Shot in Kingston, Jamaica, the video starts with the singer gunning down a man in a train station before a flashback to the previous night. Rihanna meets a man at a club, merely to be violently assaulted and seemingly raped by him later in the night. Her sexually overt video ‘S&M’ was banned from 11 countries, who knows what is to come with her latest video. The video is extreme and has already caused controversy online with guns, violence and blood. The pop star, a victim of domestic violence herself, tweeted to her fan base about the meaning of her video “Its Gritty, GULLY, Emotional, JAMRock, Very strong underlying message for girls like me! listen to yo mama(sic).” After this video, if I was Chris Brown, I would be scared.

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