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Square Off is the name of two of the hottest rappers

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Square OFF is comprised of Slim and Trips. These two young artists have been rapping together for twelve years. They are the sons of Hip-Hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh. Being raised by such a legend has given these two young rappers a unique perspective and appreciation for the history of the music they love. Their self-described “New Old School” style is their way of keeping old-school alive, paying respect to the history of Hip-Hop while combining it with a fresh flavor of their own.

They began their journey at a young age when they joined their father on stage as he performed in venues across the globe. Trips (21) is considered the smooth ladies man with a bit of a street edge. He takes it all in stride and enjoys the ride. When asked how he got started in the business he responds, “Being around my father, he always would take us to shows and stuff like that, it fell in our laps”. Not at all fazed by his career path, he takes a moment before he responds when asked about the pressures of the business. “I feel a lot of pressure, you have to prove yourself more because of who my dad is, the greatest entertainer in the world” Trips explains.”. Like his brother Slim (21) agrees that having the “world’s greatest entertainer” as your father does have its perks and its pressures “We have a lot more to prove” he says.These two brothers wouldn’t trade it for the world. When asked about some influences, Slim quickly names Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Pharrell and of course, Doug E. Fresh.

Slim and Trips are ready to take the Hip-Hop world by storm. Gearing up to release their debut album, “Money Moet and Memories”, in the Summer of 2011. These two are ready for all that is to come with the release of their first single titled “Standing Alone”, which is out now. With legendary DJ Remix KIng, Big Dawg Pitbull, Ted Smooth in their corner as Executive Producer and Doug E. Fresh as their mentor, they are ready to show the world how Harlem gets down. You can watch the video for their single “Standing Alone” now at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhwMW62MmDA&feature=youtube_gdata_playe”

“They are what New York City Hip-Hop was and is going to be now. Especially coming out of Harlem! They got the look, the swag, they’re ready. They are true artists”, Ted Smooth proudly states about the two gifted rappers. Though still students of the game, these young motivators are quickly becoming teachers for the next generation of Hip-Hop fans and artists alike. Look out for their debut album, “Money Moet and Memories” set to drop this Summer.
Article By:Tatiana Bascope