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JACKSON, MISS. Sets up a GA chapter in Blytheville, Arkansas

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Bennie Jones and the Jackson, Miss. Guardian Angels have been doing a great job for their state since the Mid 80’s. They have travelled throughout Mississippi and Louisiana on behalf of those in need of our Guardian Angels programs. Recently they were invited to Blytheville, Ark., population 16,000 by Anthony Smith who runs a Dojo but has also been looking to help his and nearby communities with a Guardian Angel Program. The local GA group has begun the process of training and is preparing to begin their patrols soon with the help of our Jackson Chapter. Blytheville is just 60 miles from Memphis, Tenn. which has a huge crime problem. It is also about 60 miles from Little Rock which also needs our help.

Bloomberg thanks the Guardian Angels

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The Guardian Angels have an Annual Tradition of patrolling the Blowing up of the Thanksgiving Day Balloons which takes place the nite before the parade all around the Museum of Natural History. This year they ran into former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is now running for the Presidency of the United States. He thanked them for their 40 yrs. of service to the people of NYC. When he was Mayor of NYC for 12 years he was our biggest supporter of the Junior Guardian’s Program in Washington Heights through his personal foundation.

A great supporter of the GA in Capetown and former Guardian Angel in Hoboken, Rob Brisner, who works with the Thanksgiving Balloon Committee gave each of our members commemorative pins from the Macy’s Day Parade.

Guardian Angels conduct first patrol in Pacific Beach, San Diego

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The Pacific Beach section of San Diego’s Guardian Angels have begun their first patrols.It took a great regional and local effort to get to this point. Locally Sarah Bonesteel is over seeing our efforts. Greg Frasier is conducting the training. Elizar and Patrick have travelled to Pacific Beach twice to help coordinate the local effort. Remember it was just weeks ago that Elizar and Patrick visited from the Sacramento area. They joined a community march against the growing crime problem and the very next day started to sign up local recruits for the Pacific Beach area Chapter of the Guardian Angels. The problems of the homeless and Emotionally Disturbed spilling into the streets and alleyways has contributed to a growing drug problem which then fuels the local crime problem. The local people decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH. One of the ways they are fighting back is to organize a Guardian Angel Street Patrol. They have established working relationships with local law enforcement and the elected officials. They are partners with other groups that also DARE TO CARE who are trying to improve the quality of life.

Unfortunately these same problems are affecting many of California’s Big and Small cities. It’s towns and villages. The Guardian Angels are leading the way to show local communities how to take back their streets, parks and public areas.Our Government has failed to come up with solutions so now it’s time for the citizens to take action through the vehicle that
we created 40 years ago. The Guardian Angels

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GA Helps Find Missing Autistic Young Man

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For years the Guardian Angels in New York/New Jersey and Florida have been asked to search for young men who are AUTISTIC and have wandered away from their schools or homes. Then it becomes a race against time. The young Autistic Man might be attracted to railway tracks or water. They are often oblivious to their surroundings and whether there is inclement weather. Many times if they are not found within the first 72 hours ……they sometimes perish.

10 years ago our Guardian Angel Board Member ED MOLDAVER asked us to get involved in the search for an Autistic Young Man in New Jersey. Ed also introduced us to a great organization: AUTISM SPEAKS who we partnered up with them in NY/NJ and in Florida. We have joined them in their annual walks and sessions where they heighten awareness about Autism. Where we are of most help is in joining them within hours of the report of a missing young man with Autism to find him as we race the clock before he falls into harm’s way. Often time the local PD do not get involved in the search right away so we have to fill the void with the family and friends of the missing Autistic Person.

In this AUTISTIC MISSING PERSON CASE Crazy J and his GA Patrol in Coney Island were contacted by the family of Cornell Holmes. The 30 year old would regularly travel on the subway between Coney Island and Red Hook, Brooklyn to go for his Doctor appointments. After getting into an argument with his family in the Red Hook Projects he went missing. Crazy J and his patrol jumped into action. They covered the housing projects in Red Hook and Coney Island where he would normally travel to. They flooded the trains that would go from Red Hook to Coney Island with hundreds of fliers with his picture and identifiable traits and information. He was seen at Coney Island Hospital. The Guardian Angels dropped what they were doing and ran over there. He had just been there but had been discharged by the staff. We hit the area just blocks away from where he was last seen. Wherever we went we got people into the process of being our eyes and ears. One of those people called in a tip that Cornell Holmes was staying at a nearby shelter. His family and the Guardian Angels pinned down the location of the shelter. Because of our and other involved efforts Cornell is now back with his family. His family couldn’t be more grateful to u.

Curtis & Keiji Meet with Barcelona GA Leader

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Recently we opened a chapter of the Guardian Angels in Barcelona where crime has skyrocketed in the subways and streets. A lot of pickpocketing, jostling and snatching and running away. Nicole Orlando a transplanted NewYorker reached out to us months ago. Here family was originally from the Fordham section of the Bronx where we first began our efforts over 40 years ago. In fact she remembers years ago a Guardian Angel giving her a business card on the subway in NYC. Years later she remembered receiving that GA card and reached out to us as Barcelona’s crime problems soared.

Nicole and the Barcelona Guardian Angels began patrolling about 2 months ago. The people were so grateful for their presence in the city’s time of need. But then old wounds were ripped open in this part of NE Spain. It is in the province of CATALONIA that Barcelona exists. For years many of the residents of Catalonia, whose Govt. is in Barcelona, they have been at odds with the National Govt. in Madrid. Some Catalans want independence from Spain while others just want autonomy. Recently the leaders of the Independence movement were given long prison sentences and citizens took to the streets on their behalf. Peacefully and at times there were riots in the streets of Barcelona. The Barcelona Guardian Angels stayed above the politics of it all and regrouped. Nicole Orlando, the chapter leader, on her yearly trip to New York to visit her family spent time with the NYC Guardian Angels patrolling the subways and took the time to sit down and talk with me and KG Oda. We made some adjustments and upon Nicole’s return to Barecelona the GA patrols resumed. Listen to the link as Nicole tells her and the group’s story in Barcelona.

Guardian Angels Start chapter in Lompoc California to Counter Gang Violence

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Lumpoc is a city in Southern California near the Ocean with a population of about 50,000. It is in Santa Barbara County. It has had a growing gang problem that has led to some recent shootings and murders. Matthew Barron reached out to Jay Takaki who is our Ga Co-ordinator in the LA/Orange Co. area. Jay took a ride to Lompoc and spoke at a Lompoc meeting about the GA. A few weeks later Jay Takaki returned to Lompoc this time with our International co-ordinator KG Oda and it was the kick off of our effort. Since these first 2 mtgs. Matthew has networked with other Lompoc groups that are trying to come up with solutions about homelessness and crime.

The Lompoc Guardian Angels this past Saturday participated in the Lompoc Make a Difference Day. It was the chapter’s first official act of community service which will continue through the future. As all of California is being hammered by fires and electrical blackouts we are helping our members in our California GA chapters long term to help themselves and their own communitties.

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Senior Citizen Women Under Attack NYC

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Within one week there have been 2 BRUTAL and VICIOUS attacks against Senior Citizen Women in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. One by a girl gang and one by a boy gang. In both cases they followed the female senior citizens, sucker punched them from behind and then stomped them. In the video that you can watch the elderly woman refused to let go of her purse as she absorbed more punishment.

Unfortunately the NYPD has done little in these cases. As a result we flooded the area with Guardian Angels in the last few days in what is considered the cultural center of NY Lincoln Center where both attacks occurred.

EQ, Milton and KC’s patrols have hit the subway stations in the area, the shopping districts and the nearby projects. We have stopped residents, given them fliers, and warned them of these attacks against Senior Citizen Women. We will continue to hit the area until arrests are made.

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Bucyrus Guardian Angels Get Award from Police Chief

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Saturday November 2nd is the ninth Community Care March. The first Community Care March took place in 2011 as hundreds of people walked down North Sandusky Avenue in Bucyrus to increase awareness of drug abuse and to celebrate recovery. And at that same time in 2011 a group of residents in Bucyrus that loved their community organized the Bucyrus Chapter of The Guardian Angels. Bucyrus, located roughly 70 miles from Toledo, is a town with a population of just 12,500. Years ago GA coordinator Aaron Brilbeck helped organize the chapter. Members of the community responded to the spiraling epidemic of addiction and crime at a time when their neighborhoods safety forces were severely understaffed and overwhelmed. The Guardian Angels stepped up to support their neighbors and helped initiate a renewed spirit, positive attitude and “belief in Bucyrus.” The group has been honored by the Police Departments award to Robin “Toro” Michael, the “Spirit” honoring their volunteer organization’s support for Bucyrus.

Guardian Angels catch Verizon Thief

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This past Sunday NYC Guardian Angels Milton and Sylvia were patrolling the annual Kew Gardens Street Fair in Queens. About 1/2 way through the day a Verizon store customer was chasing a guy who had just robbed 3 cell phones from the store. Milton and Sylvia joined the chase and ran him down by 68th street and Queens Blvd. where the thief dove under a parked car. Milton and Sylvia dragged him out from under the parked car and placed him under citizen’s arrest. The NYPD from the 114th Pct. came and took him to the Precinct where he was booked. All 3 cell phones were recovered. The thief was 24 years old.

The Guardian Angels went to the Verizon Store which was located at 70th Rd. and Austin Street. The Manager Mrs. Latoya thanked Milton and Sylvia and told them that was the 3rd Verizon store robbed just this past week in Queens. There have been a rash of robberies of mobile phone stores throughout Queens. Remember recently a NYPD cop was killed stopping a Phone store robbery in Richmond Hill, Queens.

Milton and Sylvia have been leaders and trainers in the Guardian Angels since the 1980’s when they joined in the South Bronx.

Gangbangers throw up Trinitarios gang symbol at sentencing in ‘Junior’ killing

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EQ aka Benjamin Garcia and his patrol have been there to support the Guzman family every step of the way. Yesterday at the sentencing of the first 5 Trinitarios in the Killing of Junior Guzman the gang’s members were there in force to support their fellow gang members and to continue the intimidation of the family and supporters of Junior Guzman. The Guardian Angels continued their security for the friends and family. As you can see the Gang defiantly threw their gang signs back and forth in court. The Judge and Court Officers did nothing to stop it.

8 more Trinitarios will also go on trial for this same killing next month and the Guardian Angels will be there every step of the way for the
family and friends of Junior Guzman.

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