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Penn Station – The Land of the Forgotten Where Anarchy Reins

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This occurred within the last few hours. The Guardian Angels have had to lockdown Penn Station. There are no police. Anarchy prevails. At the top of the escalators at 32nd and 7th Ave. 8 big guys , fresh outta of Rikers, are starting fights and shaking people down. 4 transgendered prostitutes, fresh outta Rikers, are doing tricks for a dollar in the men’s room. The illegals who were not here last week have arrived. They don’t have the money for their weekly rent for a room, and without work, they are out in the streets. They are from Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. They are armed with knives to protect themselves from the others. Then there are the EDP’s, the drug addicts and alcoholics. Finally the elderly. Women and Men in their late 70’s. It reminds me of what’s it’s like in Jail. And I know because I’ve been locked up. It’s Bad and it’s getting worse. There are no homeless outreach workers from the city. And there are no THRIVE men or women doing interventions for the mentally ill. It is ANARCHY.

The woman in the wheelchair, without a portion of her leg, has lived in Penn Station for 6 years. The African American Woman behind her is 76. Neither of these women can continue to survive in this “DARWINIAN” Dante’s Inferno.

Guardian Angels in Sacramento Feed the Homeless

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Patrick Kent is one of our coordinators of the California Guardian Angels and is based in Sacramento. His 10 year old son RILEY, who is a Junior Guardian Angel, was inspired by what the NYC Guardian Angels are doing each day to feed the homeless and the EDP’s. He asked his father if the Sacramento Guardian Angels could do the same for their city’s homeless. The Sacramento Guardian Angels sprung into action. They prepared the food and the alcohol based solution in which the homeless would have to wash their hands first. They went downtown near the state capitol which has blocks of homeless people. The Guardian Angels of Sacramento, young and old, “FEARED NOT”. They went to help those who have been abandoned during this crisis. They like other Guardian Angels all over the world understand that while others are told to shelter in, self quarantine, the homeless have no where to go. If they catch the Corona Virus they won’t go to a doctor or hospital. They can’t shelter in or self quarantine. Rather the corona virus would spread amongst the homeless and naturally to the population at large. So while the Govt. from coast to coast has ignored their plight we the Guardian Angels will not. We will continue to “DARETO CARE”

Cleveland Guardian Angels organization partners with St. Augustine Church to deliver free meals

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In the midst of the Corona Virus spread Guardian Angel Chapters all across the world are out in their communities helping in what ever way that they can. In Cleveland that has had a Guardian Angel Chapter since the early 1980’s. They operate on the West Side of Cleveland and have partnered with St. Augustines Church to distribute food to those who need it in the Lincoln Park area and other areas of Cleveland. They have their HQ in St. Augustines and they have partnered with the church and other community groups in the past to help their city..

Once again the Guardian Angels are proving that The ” GA FEAR NOT. ” Iron Eagle has had to battle all types of medical issues in the last few years that required hospitalization. In true Fashion Iron Eagle leads by example. He is out in the community reassuring and being the calming influence during this Corona Virus Crisis as he has been at other times for the people of Cleveland. They once again are doing a great job for the people in Cleveland.


Guardian Angels Founder, Curtis Sliwa interviewed on Bill Martinez Live

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Listen below to the Podcast

Guardian Angels Helping Homeless/EDP on E Train

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In the vast NYC Subway system there are 472 stations . There are 23 different subway lines. Even during normal times the homeless and the many Emotionally Disturbed Persons choose the E train to ride back and forth on to stay warm and dry. It is referred to as the “Moving Homeless Hotel” because it is the only subway line that runs completely underground. From the World Trade Center to the last stop Jamaica Station. Along the way the homeless know which few subway stations have open bathrooms.

Now that we are under the Corona Virus Spread, NYC being the worst area, the presence of the homeless and EDP’s, is more pronounced. They are in desperate need of help but no Govt. agencies are doing interventions. They have locked their offices and sheltered in. The NYC GA have filled the void. We walk up and down the E trains first doing Wellness Checks. Then we approach the homeless who live on the E train and have them wash their hands with alcohol wipes. We then give them a care package with water, food and wipes. We also get out the disinfectant and wipe down the areas that they are either sitting in or laying down on. No one else is doing this.

Remember, if these homeless and EDP’s, are infected with Corona Virus it would spread amongst them and then to the rest of the population. Unlike our politicians who spend every day blaming one another for this Corona Virus Flu spreading, we the Guardian Angels, are showing how normal people should not wait around for our leaders to figure out that they must work together on these problems. The Guardian Angels say “FEAR NOT”. Take proactive measures. Mother Tersa and her nuns didn’t wait for governments to deal with the Lepers in the Leper colonies. They took proactive measures and helped those who had Leprosy. We are safe and we will continue to come to the aid of those who have been forgotten and ignored. The Homeless and the many EDP’s.

COVID-19: Guardian Angels assist homeless in NYC

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Guardian Angels say “FEAR NOT”

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March 22 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York: The Guardian Angels distributed care packages to the vulnerable homeless population who take residence in Penn Station, if they agreed to wash their hands on the spot. The packages contained food, snacks, water and wipes, and they would receive them if they allowed the Guardian Angels to wash their hands with an alcohol solution and water. They spoke to those they helped, asked about their stories, where they grew up and how they got here. They want people to know that the homeless people are still people despite their situation and regardless of how they ended up there. The leader of the group, Curtis Sliwa, that city hasn’t stepped up and BRC Homeless Outreach is simply closed. Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

Newsflare – Guardian Angels deliver meals to elderly and disabled in New York

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Guardian Angels in New York teamed up on Friday (March 20th) with Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus and local Coney Island charities to prepare and deliver food to the elderly and disabled during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

They went door-to-door and left hot food on the handle to ensure contactless delivery which would not put the elderly at risk.

View Video Below

Guardian Angels Clean Up & Feed the Homeless During Coronavirus

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The elected officials neglect the homeless and the EDP’s during normal times. Now they are abandoning them even though they have the potential of being the “worse” carriers of corona virus. We went into Penn Station which on any day has 350 homeless and EDP’s living there and made them an offer that they couldn’t refuse. In return for washing their hands thoroughly in front of us with a solution of alcohol and water we the GA in return would give them a care package. The Care package consists of a bottle of water, a sandwich, peanut buttered crackers and wipes. There were no homeless intervention workers on site. No field members of THRIVE the mayor’s wife Billion $ program for the EDP’s. For very little money and a lot of sweat equity from the Guardian Angels we were able to make it safer for all during this wave of corona virus. It is pragmatic, psychological and based on good old common sense.

Curtis Sliwa in Cuba (via

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Curtis Sliwa is one of New York’s most vocal and well known personalities, and its unofficial “Commissioner of Stickball.” Now he can add “ambassador” to his list of titles as he brought the game to Cuba in January 2004.

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