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Rio De Janeiro Guardian Angels Rush into Apartment Building on Fire

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The other day while on Patrol the Rio de Janeiro Guardian Angels spotted a fire raging in a nearby apartment building. They immediately ran in to the burning building and started to escort residents out of the building. When the Fire Department arrived they gave the Guardian Angels masks so that they could continue to help them clear out the building as they fought the fire. Partnerships can be with all agencies involved in public safety. Police, Fire, EMT’s ect. There was great cooperation at the scene between the GA’s and the Fire Dept.

As an example the Mexico City Guardian Angels are constantly training with the Fire Dept. and the Mexico City Disaster Unit Response Team. The Guardian Angels in Mexico City have helped fight fires and have responded as trained emergency personnel when Earthquakes have struck all across Mexico.

This is the type of Partnership that other GA chapters should explore.

Recruiting a New Generation of Guardian Angels

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Thomas “TUT” Hunt has been a Guardian Angel for 40 years. He joined in the Bronx just month’s after we started patrolling the subways of NYC. He is now based in Chicago and works with the Chicago Guardian Angels. It was a group that he resurrected over 30 years ago. The initial effort had collapsed under the pressure of the political and police powers to be to scuttle our effort. He single handedly left NYC revived our chapter in Chicago and they have been a force in helping with public safety ever since.

Tut also helped to set up GA chapters in Atlanta, Chattanooga, West Palm Beach and Minneapolis. You could send him into a city with no resource and no recruits and he would build a chapter from scratch. He was and still is a recruiting machine. In a recent visit to New York City to visit his relatives we spent time talking about recruiting a new generation of Guardian Angels. Upon his return to Chicago he will take up this cause on behalf of all of our Guardian Angels globally. He has been given free reign to test out all methods involving modern and old school techniques. He has already begun the effort upon his return to Chicago. We will share his results with all of you.

You can also contact Tut directly at: or 773 640 1295

Guardian Angels Animal Protection Van

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GREAT NEWS! The Guardian Angels Animal Protection Division now has a Van that has hit the streets of NYC. It can hit the streets at a moments
notice to rescue Dogs and Cats in Distress. Those that have been abandoned, abused and victimized. It also enables us to rescue Dogs and Cats that have been put in Shelters. The shelter will only hold a Dog or a Cat for 72 hours. In that time it must be claimed or adopted. If not the animals are executed. The GA Animal Protection Van gives us the opportunity to rescue Dogs or Cats with a moments notice. We can also help other citizens that manage feral cat colonies which help suppress the rat and rodent populations. Nancy Sliwa is our Director and if you need further info. on the program you can contact her directly at 212 787 1625 or at …….

Our Guardian Angel Board Member INGRID ARNEBERG has sponsored the Van and supports the Guardian Angel Animal Protection Program.
She also volunteers as a Guardian Angel member who helps take care of the dogs and cats taken in by the program.

Rafael Alvarez is our Guardian Angel Board Member and our Comptroller. He paid for the GREAT WRAP JOB on the Van.

This has been a great Guardian Angel and Community Partnership.

NYC Perv Busters Guardian Angels Patrol

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Meet the Perv Busters protecting New York's subway

The Guardian Angels' new Perv Busters division are pushing back against a rise in sex crimes on New York's subway, 40 years after the crime-fighting civilian volunteer group first began protecting travellers and tourists on the city's public transit system.Catch us on BBC World News (all times BST): Saturday (03:30, 04:30 Latin and North America only, 14:30, 19:30), Sunday (07:30, 13:30) BBC News: Saturday (05:30, 10:30), Sunday (01:30, 13:30, 20:30)Missed an episode? Watch on-demand on BBC iPlayer (UK only): or via our YouTube channel:…See More

Posted by BBC Travel Show on Friday, July 26, 2019

Guardian Angels Partner up With Cease Fire in Paterson New Jersey

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As we move forward PARTNERSHIPS are so important like we have with Cease Fire in Paterson. Paterson is a city with a population of about 150,000 people. It has a serious Gang Problem. Street and Domestic Violence issues. Emotionally Disturbed people roaming the streets. People buying drugs and shooting up out in the open and in shooting galleries. Not enough Police to patrol and a Police department that has been charged with acts of brutality and corruption. The streets in some of Paterson’s Wards are a “HOT MESS”. Enter the Guardian Angels and Cease Fire walking the streets of the most violent wards. Doing Outreach, talking to people and calming the streets down. Gathering Info. on crimes committed. Patrolling and breaking up fights and disputes. Deterring Crime and above all serving as POSITIVE Roll Models in the Streets for many of the wayward youth. Who else can be able to relate to City Hall, the PD, The Pimps, Pushers, Drug Dealers and Gang Bangers. Cease Fire and the Guardian Angels strengthen our mission in the Streets of Paterson. Watch the video of Odell the leader of Cease Fire talking about how effective our Partnership is.

Curtis has a sit down with ROSS from Italy

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Ross from Italy recently visited with me in NYC. He has a wealth of International Experiences working on our behalf. He joined at the age of 16 our Toronto Guardian Angels. He travelled to NYC and helped the Guardian Angels set up our first after school program for troubled youth. He went down to Southern Florida and worked with our GA there. But his biggest project was setting up our first chapter in his home country in Italy. Since then he’s helped our GA chapters throughout Italy. He is a motivational trainer that has travelled the world teaching hundreds of students.

We discussed the growing problem of Nationalism throughout Europe, Australia and the USA. We discussed ways on how to make sure it never effects our diverse global makeup. He will soon be visiting our newest chapter in Barcelona, Spain to help them in their initial steps As Guardian Angels. In his travels he is offering to help any of our chapters if his time permits.

Guardian Angels Animal Protection Rescues 15 year old Blind Cat

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Ladies & Gentlemen,
Several days ago Nancy & Curtis Sliwa adopted a 15 year old gray tabby cat from Animal Care & Control (AC&C). The past few weeks AC&C has been reaching out to the public to adopt animals because of overcrowding and the possibility that animals will be euthanized before the minimum holding time of 72 hours. When looking through the online site Nancy was immediately drawn to a 15 year old cat. He had only that day left for adoption before he was to be euthanized and sadly highly unlikely to be adopted given his advanced age and the fact that he is completely blind.

Can you imagine what goes through the mind of a 15 year old cat whose only owner they have ever known surrenders them to a shelter? Or the terror they must feel when they can’t see where they’ve been taken or understand what’s going on and why they’re being shuffled around? While the cause of this cat’s blindness is unclear there is no doubt after a follow up vet visit this week it has been confirmed the cat is completely blind.

When trying to adopt this beautiful cat Nancy emailed several times and left multiple messages asking about the cats availability but nobody answered the calls or responded to the messages so Nancy rushed to the shelter that day to find out if the cat was still available….and fortunately he was! Now that his life has been spared and he has found a place to call home there are many adjustments that will be made in the home to make his life easier at this very tough time in his life. But for now we need to come up with a name for this sweet guy and any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Guardian Angels march in Annual 4th of July Parade

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Every year we march in the annual Fourth of July Parade out in Staten Island which is the longest running in the nation. When we were first invited we were asked to take up the rear. In recent years they now have us march right behind the Grand Marshall. They love our consistency. We are always there for them.

Curtis & Nancy Sliwa “Get Wild” in Southampton to Help Animals

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

This Saturday Curtis & Nancy Sliwa were guests of Ingrid Arneberg at the annual summer gala “Get Wild” for the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center. The rescue group works to rehabilitate and educate native wildlife. The event was held in a private garden in Southampton and featured hawks and owls that had been rehabilitated.

The two recent rescue kittens Nancy & Curtis have accompanied them to the event to the delight of event-goers, with the exception of an owl who was not a happy camper. Curtis was forced to defend the kitties and sternly told the Owl that he better leave them alone!

Do you remember Woodsy Owl, an icon for the United States Forest Service, who told the public to “Give a hoot – don’t pollute!” Woodsy was introduced into the world in 1971 shortly after Curtis had become known as the recycling King in Canarsie. And there was an instantaneous connection because owls were always Curtis’s favorite animal growing up. So while it was difficult for Curtis to reprimand the owl, he was willing to put aside that long standing affection to keep his little rescue buddies safe.

Guardian Angels Receive Warm Welcome in Albany Visit

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Last year Curtis Sliwa & the Guardian Angels arrived in Albany to meet with Mayor Sheehan for a scheduled meeting to discuss the group’s recent restart in Albany…and were given the flea bag treatment! When Curtis arrived in Albany he was given the runaround before being told by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff that the meeting was now denied. What a difference a year makes.

Yesterday Curtis was back in Albany discussing the chapters resumed patrols on July 8th and this time was met with the red carpet treatment by Police Chief Eric Hawkins. Curtis and several NYC Guardian Angels sat down with Hawkins who was accompanied by other members of the Albany Police department. The level of cooperation was refreshing and the shared vision inspiring.

The Guardian Angels have been in Albany since the 80’s. And while chapters can ebb & flow at times there is a consistent spirit in the community of improving the quality of life. And local residents have throughout the decades joined the Guardian Angels because of this desire to improve their community through self-help.

The picture here shows the Guardian Angels meeting with members of the Albany Police Department, including Deputy Chief Brian C. Hogan who will be the liaison for the Guardian Angels. We look forward to building this relationship along with others working in the community as the Guardian Angels get their boots on the ground July 8th.

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