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Mental health services tend to carry stigmas which often deter people from seeking help. It’s not to uncommon for someone to experience mental health issues and leave them unchecked for a prolonged period of time. In doing so, your problems may actually become worse. Below we have put together a list of signs and symptoms to look out for:

-Withdrawal — Recent social withdrawal and loss of interest in others

-Drop in functioning — An unusual drop in functioning, at school, work or social activities, such as quitting sports, failing in school or difficulty performing familiar tasks

-Problems thinking — Problems with concentration, memory or logical thought and speech that are hard to explain

-Increased sensitivity — Heightened sensitivity to sights, sounds, smells or touch; avoidance of over-stimulating situations

-Apathy — Loss of initiative or desire to participate in any activity

-Feeling disconnected — A vague feeling of being disconnected from oneself or one’s surroundings; a sense of unreality

-Illogical thinking — Unusual or exaggerated beliefs about personal powers to understand meanings or influence events; illogical or “magical” thinking typical of childhood in an adult

Nervousness — Fear or suspiciousness of others or a strong nervous feeling

-Unusual behavior – Odd, uncharacteristic, peculiar behavior

-Sleep or appetite changes — Dramatic sleep and appetite changes or decline in personal care

-Mood changes — Rapid or dramatic shifts in feelings


Of course, everything in moderation which means that one or two of these symptoms alone will not determine whether or not you have a mental illness. If you or someone you know, experiences several of these symptoms you may want to seek professional help or encourage someone else to do so. The more we stay aware, the more lives we may save. Suicide is no joke. Those with suicidal thoughts, thoughts of self-harm or harming others need immediate medical and professional attention. Speak up! You would want someone to help you if you were experiencing any of these symptoms. Sometimes just listening to someone will lift a great weight off their shoulders.


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