Latin Artist of the Month April 2019

Pedro Capó carries the music in his DNA, not only because he is the grandson of the legendary Bobby Capó, but because he is everything that lives, breathes and professes. It is through his art that he expresses the most recondite feelings of his being, revealing in each letter and each interpretation a bit of his personal and professional environment. The facet of composer is another of the nuances that Capó develops almost unintentionally. He is constantly writing and his identity as author allows him to discern between the topics that match his style and those that could fall into the hands of third parties. There is no competition, but harmony in the selection process. This has earned him several ASCAP awards. Meanwhile, the artist has also stood out in the tables with a season as part of the cast of 'Celia:

The performance is another facet of the art that interests him greatly, but he has not developed it to the maximum because music is still the protagonist of his steps. For his great command of the Anglo-Saxon language he has also starred in 'The Sweet Spot', 'Shut Up And Do It' and 'Paradise Travel' directed by Simon Brand and starring John Leguizamo.

Pedro Capo