Latin Artist of the Month December 2018

JUANES enjoys the recognition of criticism and an unprecedented success globally, which has made him the most important Spanish-speaking musician on the planet.

The Los Angeles Times named him "the most relevant individual figure of the decade in Latin music," while Rolling Stones magazine referred to him as "a Latin American superstar [and] one of the biggest rock stars. of the world".

Extraordinary guitarist and composer endowed with intense expressiveness, Juanes is today a leading social activist, frequently compared to artists such as Bono and Bruce Springsteen for their firm belief in the power of music as a factor of social change.

Born in Medellin, Colombia, on August 9, 1972, Juanes was caught in the networks of music from an early age, influenced by sounds found, from the street music and Carlos Gardel's tangos, to Soda Stereo, to Led Zeppelin. , Silvio Rodríguez and Jimi Hendrix.

For 8 years he was a singer, guitarist and main composer of the Rock Ekhymosis group (1987-1999) with whom he produced five albums.

His compositions reflect strictly personal experiences and his theme ranges from love to humor and double meaning, which also highlights the message of high social content and peace that disturbs singer-songwriter Juanes and that opposes the violence generated by the continuous He struggles in his native Colombia, as well as for all the conflicts that mark the face of the earth, and highlights the love of the family and respect for humanity as the path that will take us beyond fury.

Millions of followers of this poetic rocker have adopted his compositions as true hymns dedicated to Latin pride, hope for peace, and the strength of love.

Recently named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, Juanes has devoted a great deal of time to his work as a global activist, and his work in this regard goes far beyond the passionate lyrics of his songs. The foregoing can be verified by noting the large number of philanthropic causes to which he continually supports. Thus, the work of its own foundation Mi Sangre has been recognized internationally as one of the most active against the use of personal mines, both in Colombia and in the rest of the world.

In addition to this work in favor of the eradication of these deadly war devices, the Mi Sangre Foundation provides assistance and rehabilitation to people injured by landmines throughout Colombia. The crusade of Juanes in favor of these victims led him to be the first artist to give a concert in the main hall of the European Union parliament, an event that brought with it a donation of two and a half million Euros.

He also organized the very successful charity recital Colombia without mines in Los Angeles, collected funds for the creation of Parque de la Paz in Medellin, with games specially adapted for individuals with different abilities, and served as an honorary speaker during the Cartagena Summit for a world free of mines. By expanding its mission in this way, the Mi Sangre Foundation is currently working in the area of ​​early childhood development throughout Latin America.

In addition to all these specific efforts made through this organization, Juanes has earned international recognition for his role as co-founder and main promoter of the historic concerts Peace Without Borders, which seek to unite ordinary citizens without distinction of nationalities or ideologies and promote the use of non-violent resolutions to resolve conflicts.

Organized in just one week in 2008 in response to growing tensions between Colombia and Venezuela, the first concert Peace without Borders joined more than 200 thousand spectators (as well as millions of viewers) who gathered at the border between the two nations. to demand an effort to maintain peace in the region.

The second of these concerts was held in Havana on September 20, 2009, to coincide with the International Day of Peace of the United Nations. There, one million 200 thousand young people packed the Plaza de la Revolución in an impressive demonstration of unity and hope in forming "a single Cuban family". The event received extensive media coverage around the world, and CNN called it "an enormous success ... in which Juanes won the affection of the entire Cuban people"; For its part, The Economist declared that day as a "watershed in the relationship between the United States and Cuba."

In recognition of such outstanding philanthropic work, the Colombian president named Juanes "Colombia's most important Ambassador." The composer was also honored in 2005 by Sir Paul McCartney during the Adopt-a-Minefield gala concert, and shortly after was appointed Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic. Also, the Organization of American States named him in 2008 as the humanitarian character of the year, and recently was awarded the prestigious National Peace Prize in Colombia, in a joint vote of the Development Program of the Organization of the Nations. Unidas (UNDP) and representatives of the Colombian media.

Finally, Juanes has performed twice live as part of the Concert of Delivery of the Nobel Peace Prizes in Oslo, and in 2009 he headed along with Alicia Keys the artistic program of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

Obviously, all these messages of altruism would not be effective if the messenger did not have a great popular drag. In this regard, it is safe to say that Juanes is one of the most important figures in Latin rock, both because of the number of albums sold and because of the huge number of sold-out concerts he offers. In his career he has held over 800 concerts in America, Europe and Asia.

To date, Juanes fans have acquired more than 12 million albums worldwide, throughout a career spanning only four installments. He has obtained nothing more and nothing less than seventeen LATIN GRAMMY awards, a record, always leading the category in which he participates. In 2008, Juanes returned to raze in the delivery of these awards -with five out of five-, including the awards for best album and song of the year. In the same way, in 2009 he won the GRAMMY award for the best Latin pop album.

Juanes has also won 18 MTV Awards and 16 Premios Lo Nuestro among other international awards.

Additionally, Juanes is frequently at the top of the popularity charts of the United States, Europe and all of Latin America. Her most recent album, La vida ... es un ratico was the best-selling Latin album on iTunes throughout 2008, and "Me enamora", her first single, remained for five months (20 weeks) as # 1 on the list "Hot Latin Songs" by Billboard. This represented the longest stay in the first place of any Latin song during the last three years. In all his recordings Juanes plays the guitar.

The song "Camisa Negra" from the album MI Sangre, was # 1 in more than 43 countries
Juanes has recorded duets with Nelly Furtado, Black Eye Peas, Tonny Bennet, Miguel Bosé, Raphael and Colbie Caillat.

Recently recorded with the legend of Jazz, Herbbie Hancock a new version of "The Earth" song written by Juanes in 1996 and considered by many the second national anthem of Colombia.

In 2010 Juanes received the NAFTRA Award for Excellence in Music Recording Category and the BMI President Award for his long career of success as a composer.

Beyond the solid support of his followers, the radio stations and his colleagues, the music of Juanes has received great praise from the specialized critics:

"... unforgettable songs on records that challenge, inspire and captivate ...
one of the most influential artists of the decade ... capable of selling millions while composing intelligent, thought-provoking music "-NPR

"The hottest singer and composer in Latin America ...
a poet with an electric guitar "- New York Times

"A cultural hero with great musical imagination and a gift for poetic lyrics: a Latin John Lennon" - Amazon

"The greatest and most important Latin American artist
at the beginning of the 21st century "- All Music