Latin Artist of the Month March 2020

Cazzu (Julieta Cazzucheli), the Queen of Argentine Trap, gained popularity after the release of her collaboration "Loca" with fellow Argentine trap singers Khea and Duki. The song became even more popular after Bad Bunny joined for the remix.

Cazzu is a self-proclaimed emo girl whose dulcet vocals focus on love, heartbreak and second chances, as heard in her debut album Error 93. For her experimental sound, Cazzu seeks inspiration from artists such as Halsey and Jeremih, telling Billboard that she’s “simply trying to create what’s essentially in my brain.” 

Besides her gift, Cazzu’s passion for music goes back to her roots. “My dad plays the guitar and sings. He’s the first image I have when it comes to music,” she says, admitting that everything she knows today is because of him. “I never studied music or took singing lessons. Music was greatly appreciated in my house and we consumed all types of music.” 

When talking about her major achievement, she said “My music being able to be heard outside of my home country, really. Being heard in Argentina is a huge achievement for me, but the fact that other artists and people in Puerto Rico know who I am, that means a lot to me.” 

As a young 26 years old singer, she earned huge popularity which does not stop her from making excellent concerts and albums for 2020.