Ghostbusters (2016) Movie Review

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Last Friday Ghostbusters Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones as the new reboot ghostbusters, also directed by Paul Feig whom previously worked with McCarthy on Spy, The Heat & Bridesmaids (Along with Kristen Wiig) officially release with mixed reviews. Also before the film’s release it was met with so much controversy about the all-female cast appearing in a reboot of a beloved 80s classic ranging from the overt sexist attacks about a female ghostbusters team; calling it a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) & Feminist film as well the other side just call it a bad film using bad jokes. Both of these attacks has affected the film’s marketing to the point where Sony using these attacks to promoted their movie again with mixed results. So now it finally released in theaters, how it the movie itself despite mixed reviews.

Well…its ok, it’s not bad or terrible as one would think, but it’s not great neither. The Ghostbuster reboot is just…ok. The comedy is a hit or miss in some areas, the funny ones are not in the trailer and all the jokes you hate from the trailer. Chris Hemsworth plays Kevin, the receptionist and plays a dumb blonde stereotype; this character is hammered so hard on how stupid he is that he became a cartoon. It’s not even believable anymore after 5 mins of his performance and it becomes refreshing that he changes later in the film when he is possessed by the main villain.

Speaking of the main villain, Neil Casey plays the weird Rowan North who is also into ghost, but into capturing them, he wants to let them free into the world so he can destroy it. That’s it, that is his entire motivation and it’s a weak one. In original film the villain was Walter Peck of whom he maybe a guy with no dick, he’s justified in his actions of shutting down the ghostbuster. Rowan North is not, the world has its faults, but he also acts so strange that he just put people of him. The only nice people he meets throughout the film was Leslie Jones’ character Patty Tolan, Ozzy Osborne fans and Melissa McCarthy’s character Abby Yates and he still acts so strange, thus puts them off.

Despite the issue of bad characters, bad jokes and a bad villain (also when the giant monster appear, it just ignores the heroes after 1 minute of fighting them…that was stupid, it didn’t need to stop and it only went against our heroes when they have to close the portals.) the film is just ok in the end. It has some good moments, the intro for example is really good in building the vibe as well Kate McKinnon’s character. Nothing in this film sticks out in a manner that would make it memorable. I believe that is the problem here, it is so ok, that nothing sticks out. Fans will quote lines from the first 2 Ghostbusters films, but I doubt they will do the same with this.

If you’re curious, please go see Ghostbusters, but if you enjoy watch the original film, just stick to that, there is no need to see the new one if you get all the Ghostbuster love from the 1984 movie.


Also the theme that plays at the beginning of the credits is a much better rendition of the classic theme than Fall Out Boy ft. Missy Elliot’s take.


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