Don’t Breathe brings a refreshing take on the Home Invasion Horror genre

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A Trio of thieves invade the home of a wealthy blind man thinking it would be an easy job, but they were wrong. Don’t Breathe is directed by Fede Alvarez who also directed the Evil Dead remake in 2013, staring Jane Levy as Rocky, Dylan Minnette as Alex, Daniel Zovatto as Money and Stephen Lang as The Blind Man. With such a unique premise, this brings a refreshing take on the horror genre of which been falling behind with the clichés that has been overdone. Stephen Lang does a wonderful job portraying a blind man of who may seem fragile, but when his home is invaded, he become the most terrifying person to deal with, he will make you think twice about messing with him. Dylan Minnette and Jane Levy are well cast for the part as they show real fear enough that you want to root for their survival. Don’t Breathe is one of the best films of the summer and it’s worth the admission.


Bryan Vallejo

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