Star Wars Prequels being criticized for good or bad?

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Star Wars prequels have been getting criticized massively lately, but finally someone stands up to it. Rian Johnson, the director of Star Wars: Episode VIII stands up and speaks aloud. He feels that the criticism isn’t being reviewed correctly. The prequels shouldn’t be viewed as what people wish they should be, they should be viewed as what they are because what they are is what made the movie be the movie it is. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll know what the prequels consist of material that lead up to the movie. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions, this prequel was mainly to try and teach a lesson about how fear can cause good people to lash out in negative ways as well.

The prequels often seem that they were designed to have different things that appeal to different people and personalities. The prequels aren’t perfect but in life nothing is. They could not be your favorite movies but in certain aspects you may enjoy some things about it. You don’t necessarily need to love everything in a movie in order to value something from it. Everyone views things differently but in some way shape or form you learn at least one thing from the movie.

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