Black Panther

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Black Panther is one of many movies that is considered extremely controversial. It raises confusions and questions about what has been considered the norm in America for so long. The U.S. has always been a country known for its white dominance and power. However, Black Panther demonstrates the complete opposite. It demonstrates the power, wealth, and intelligence of people of color. Usually, people of color are often oppressed under “white governance” and are stereotyped in ways that are defaming and humiliating. Ryan Coogler, the Director of Black Panther did a great job at proving anybody wrong who underestimates people of color.

Not only did Ryan Coogler prove those who underestimate people of color wrong, but he based the film in “Africa”, a continent that people usually talk poorly about. Black Panther showcases Africa’s resources, wealth, and beauty; all that people never thought it was and could be. It helps people see beyond the stereotypes ascribed to people of color. The production of Black Panther stimulates pride and confidence which is rarely seen in some black communities. Black Panther has been the highest rated superhero movie since its release in February and has broken many more records. Two months later, people are still talking about this thrilling movie. Black Panther is a must watch!!

By Monica Legerme

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