Two Dominican baseball players died on the same weekend

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Picture on the left: Yordano Ventura, Picture on the right: Andy Marte


Yordano Ventura a Kansas City Pitcher died at the age of the 25 on January 21, 2017. Yordano Ventura helped the Royals advanced to the 2015 World Series. He died in the Dominican Republic due to a car accident. The accident occurred while he was trying to drive up a foggy mountain road. He died in a town called San Jose de Ocoa in the Dominican Republic. Another former Dominican baseball player, Andy Marte died on January 22, 2017, in a separate car accident in the Dominican Republic. Andy Marte was 33 when he died. He formerly played for the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians. The baseball community is mourning the death of these two amazing Dominican baseball players.

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Northern Michigan University’s Anthony Herbert Dies at 20

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Yesterday, it was announced by school officials that starting left guard Anthony Herbert passed away in his dorm. ESPN reported that Herbert went for a morning workout, had breakfast, and then returned to his room. No word yet on the details of his passing. EMT’s were called into Herbert’s dorm but were unsuccessful in attempting to resuscitate him. “Anthony’s passing is felt deeply by many. He made a positive impact on our campus and was everything we hope for in a student-athlete. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and teammates, and we are focused on supporting them during this difficult time,” stated Forrest Karr, NMU’s athletic director. MYC Tastemakers offers our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and teammates.

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Former NFL player Keion Carpenter Passes Away

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NFL player and Virginia Tech, Keion Carpenter passed away Thursday morning at age 39 in Jackson South Community Hospital. Carpenter was injured in a fall that had occurred while he was on vacation with his family. He was running to the car with his son when Keion accidentally slipped and fell hitting his head and causing him to be in a coma. It was one of those accidents that happened so quick no one knew what happened. Jamilia Smith who is a cousin of Carpenter’s said” It was one of those freak accidents. He was always healthy, he went to the doctor, ate well and always worked out.” He was in a coma for 24 hours before his passing.

Keion Carpenter played safety as a Hokie. He intercepted 14 passes during NFL career with the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons. Carpenter’s coach at Virginia Tech, Frank Beamer, said in a statement that Carpenter “was one of the rocks around which we built our program.” Carpenter was also the founder of The Carpenter House in 2005 which was designed to benefit children from low income homes and be able to mentor them. He was known to be a very giving individual who always wanted to help others. He had a heart of gold. Prayers and condolences to Carpenters family, team and friends. Rest in Peace.


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Finally back on the field!

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Being in the NFL, comes with many rules and regulations that need to be followed. Unfortunately Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory was suspended due to violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was placed on the reserve/exempt list until further notice. As of Monday December 19, 2016 Gregory was activated to the active roster after missing 14 games of the season. He returned to practice on Thursday determined to get back out on that field. Due to Gregory being put back on the active list, the Cowboys had to release someone and they did just that. They released Zach Moore and placed him on the 53 man roster last week.

Since Gregory is back on the active roster, its being said that he is going to have significant playing time in the game tonight against the Detroit Lions. Tonight is a big deal due to Gregory not playing since last year’s season finale. Last year he suffered from a high ankle sprain which caused him to not be able to play for most of the season. He attended an out of state rehab facility before returning to the team in September. Coach Marinelli said, “he looks good. I mean, he so explosive off the ball. That’s all the same. He’s thicker and gained weight. He looks really good now.” Not only is he excited t get back out on the field, his coaches are excited as well. Good Luck tonight Gregory.


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Michael Floyd arrested for DUI, BAC of .217

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On December 12, the Scottsdale Police Department arrested Michael Floyd after he was found asleep in the driver’s seat while stopped at a traffic light. He was arrested and charged with obstructing a roadway, DUI impaired to the slightest degree, DUI blood alcohol content above .08, and failure to obey a police officer. A BAC of 0.15 percent or higher is considered to be an extreme DUI in Arizona within two hours of operating a vehicle. Bill Belichick, Patriot’s coach, said the team has notified of the incident but also noted that Floyd is still on schedule to practice with the team,

 “Yeah, we were aware of his situation when we claimed him….He’s in an ongoing legal situation; I”m not going to comment on. We have a lot of things on our team to handle a multitude of things that players, coaches, anybody in our organization, really, that come up…. There are a lot of things outside of football that we all deal with. It’s a long, long list and we provide a lot of resources for everybody on that.”

 The Scottsdale Police Department also released the video which shows Floyd passed out behind the wheel.


Michael Floyd — Shocking Dui Arrest Video… Nfl Star Passed Out At The Wheel Video Below


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It’s crazy how fast a life could be taken from us with in a blink of an eye. Konrad Reuland, a former Jets and Ravens tight end, suffered from a brain aneurysm at the age of 29 on November 28, 2016. He underwent surgery shortly after declaring him brain dead.  He was extremely uncomfortable and fighting for his life for two weeks after this tragic outburst resulting in his death December 12, 2016. Konrad was a student and athlete at the University of Notre Dame and later transferred to Stanford University to continue on with his career as an athlete. While attending college, Konrad was unfortunately not drafted, but after graduating he signed with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011.  In 2013 he was signed with the Jets but on a reserve list due to a knee injury that occurred. November 14, 2014 to November 18, 2015 Konrad was signed on and off of the Ravens practice team consistently. Then December 8, 2015 he was promoted to the active roster which his career took off since. Konrad wasn’t just a football player, he became a brother to many and a son to his coaches.

Konrad made in impact on many. As you can see, Konrad was able to be a part of multiple teams gaining family from each and every one. This sudden death has affected many people, his team mates, family and coach John Harbaugh. His name and number 88 will be remembered forever. Please take a moment and pray sending our condolences to the Reuland family. Rest in Peace Reuland, you will forever be remembered and missed.


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Muhammad Ali dies at 74

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Muhammad Ali, the eloquent, colorful, controversial and brilliant three-time heavyweight boxing champion who was known as much for his social conscience and staunch opposition to the Vietnam War as for his dazzling boxing skills, died Friday. Ali, who had a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, was taken to a Phoenix area hospital earlier this week where he was being treated for a respiratory issue. He was 74. Once the most outrageous trash talker in sports, he was largely muted for the last quarter century of his life, quieted by a battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Ali will be remembered as one of the most recognized figures worldwide — after winning boxing’s heavyweight title 3 different times … with the first coming in a KO of Sonny Liston in 1964.

He was as famous for his boxing matches — the “Rumble in the Jungle,” the “Thrilla in Manila” — as quotes like, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990 … and will always hold the title of “The Greatest.”


Rest in Peace to the Legend
Muhammad Ali


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All Star Weekend has finally come to the Big Apple. All your favorites, Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, James Harden and many more all in ONE INTENSE basketball game to be aired Sunday February 15th at 8pm at Madison Square Garden, in Manhattan. But that’s not all. The festivities begin as early as Friday the 13th, majority of the events taking place in the famous Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY. There will be many exciting events such as the All Stars Celebrity Game on Friday the 13th, and the Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday the 14th. Not only are the events that lead up to the actual game and the actual game the highlights of the weekend, just like super bowl parties; All Star weekend Parties and celebrations are something to look forward to. Even if you’re not able to make it to the actual stadiums to watch the games, go to your nearest sports bar, grab a beer and enjoy the game.

If you are in NYC and are not sure of where to go enjoy all the NBA action for All Star Weekend then check for more details on the best sports bar in NYC to watch the festivities!


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Mayweather vs Pacquiao?? FINALLY??

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Will the match we have all been waiting for since 2009 finally happen? Pacquiao made an appearance on Huffington Post this past Friday where he stated that the only thing that separates him from the LONG-AWAITED fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Mayweather’s signature on the infamous contract. Pacquiao stated he agreed to ALL terms and Mayweather’s people have also. This match has been talked about since 2009 when the two boxers were ranked as Number 1 and Number 2 and since then the world has wanted to know who Number 1 really is. The two boxers are so different which makes for an extraordinary fight; Mayweather so cocky and so outspoken and Pacquiao who speaks softly and lets his punching power speak for him. Yahoo Sports reported that the fight is to be held at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on May 2nd; reportedly ticket prices may begin at $1,000 and can go up to $5,000.

When asked about his feelings about the fight and whether he feels this fight could help his career Pacquiao stated “If you ask me if the fight happens, no problem,” Pacquiao said. “If that fight will not happen, it will never impact my career because what I’ve done in boxing, I’m already satisfied. I broke the record in boxing [by winning world titles in] eight divisions. I’m a coach in the Philippines of a basketball team. I’m a playing-coach. I’m a congressman. What my concern is, is to make the fight happen for the fans. Everywhere I go, even in Thailand, every place, the fans are asking, ‘When will this fight happen? When will this fight happen?’ That question is not for me. It’s for Mayweather. Millions of people are asking that question everywhere I go. It’s kind of bothering me, that question. It’s time to make the fight happen. The fans deserve it.”

Not only will this fight make millions of fans all over the world happy, but it will also help the two boxers make a large amount of money. Reports say that with this fight alone Mayweather stands to make as much as $120 Million.

Are you excited?! Made your Bets?! Pacquiao vs Mayweather?

Let us know who you think is number 1?


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NFL Playoffs

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Between the national championship game on the college side and the divisional round in the NFL playoffs, you are going to need to reserve a comfortable spot near a TV for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The NFL playoffs are particularly intriguing this year, with games with a variety of great teams like the Carolina Panthers against the Seattle Seahawks. And legendary Peyton Manningagainst his former team the Indianapolis Colts.

Here is a look at the complete schedule and bracket information for the divisional round. So Head to your nearest sports bar, grab a beer and a large order of wings and enjoy this year’s playoffs as we countdown to Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday February 1st2015.

NFL Playoff Divisional Round Schedule


Matchup                      Date                             Time (ET)       TV

Baltimore Ravens at

New England Patriots  Saturday, Jan. 10          4:35 p.m.         NBC

Carolina Panthers at

Seattle Seahawks           Saturday, Jan. 10          8:15 p.m.         Fox

Dallas Cowboys at

Green Bay Packers        Sunday, Jan. 11            1:05 p.m.         Fox

Indianapolis Colts at

Denver Broncos            Sunday, Jan. 11            4:40 p.m.         CBS


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