The Depression

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We live in a vegetated state, but no trauma, from the reganomics to obamanation, we are still forced to wear body armor, because of the economy, and what its doing to the nation, rent over 

I’m at a Crossroad

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I’m at a crossroad On the left side its past On the right is the future I’m walking on the present time Looking to the left I see a wave of destruction Due to my 

If I

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If I hold your hand will that be ok? In the middle of a random convo If i just kiss the words back into your mouth would that be ok, would you push me away? 

The Uniform

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I’m in the corner watching all the other kids in uniform playing sports, I’m in the corner watching because the uniforms were 50 dollars, I was living damm near squalor, so many eviction notices I 

Hello Everyone My Name is Infinite

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Hello everyone my name is infinite! Before it was infinite they called me statistic, that wild puerto rican kid from the south bronx goes ballistic, 5 6 but don’t get it twisted, you’ll get lifted, 

I Always Wondered but Never Thought

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I’m a star! House, jewels, since 15 I had a car, I was living the illegal life, I lived by the sword some died by the knife, I continued to swing the excalibur for a 

My Bio

Albert Carrasco is not only a spoken word artist, but also a motivational speaker, using his words to uplift young people faced with the same difficult life choices as he was. Growing up in the Bronx, New York, Carrasco lost his father at age 12 and within four years he was arrested, shot twice and dealing drugs. He saw so many of his friends die off and he couldn’t stand the idea of his newborn son growing up into that life, so 12 years ago Carrasco turned his life around. He began to write poetry as a release, tapping into the harsh lyrical honesty that continues to permeate in his writings

Author Infinite the poet
Albert carrasco infinite poetry