My Intentions*****

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Sometimes my intentions get over shadowed by peoples perception of me, or for what they see, which are not my views I’m so experienced, some take it as me being mr know it all, do 

In Your Head

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I try to write like a poetic neurologist, get up all in your head like a psychologist, Then control your mind like a, psionicist , I’m getting this down to a science, like a word 

The Mirror

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When I look in the mirror I see a kids dream becoming true, Mines I see a kid from the projects in this mirror who’s gonna become a winner, Me. I endured everything u can 

Kimberly John

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Hello mom and dad, little brothers and sister Oh how much do i miss you guys I know you cried out your vocal cords when i passed I’m with the lord now After all that 

Streets Kill

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Heroin residue syringes, broken rubber bands, coke and crack binges, empty vials litter our land, I can walk around pick them up recycle them by color, and sell them for a discount back to the 

The Late 70’s in the Bronx

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Lobby games of dice, In these lobby games many people lost their life, for tampering with a die, old time hustlers selling hash, trey bags of grass, deranged old military men that used to shoot 

My Bio

Albert Carrasco is not only a spoken word artist, but also a motivational speaker, using his words to uplift young people faced with the same difficult life choices as he was. Growing up in the Bronx, New York, Carrasco lost his father at age 12 and within four years he was arrested, shot twice and dealing drugs. He saw so many of his friends die off and he couldn’t stand the idea of his newborn son growing up into that life, so 12 years ago Carrasco turned his life around. He began to write poetry as a release, tapping into the harsh lyrical honesty that continues to permeate in his writings

Author Infinite the poet
Albert carrasco infinite poetry