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The 2019 Met Gala in New York City

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The 2019 Met Gala in New York City was bound to deliver even more over-the-top fashion moments, and it did not disappoint.

The theme of this Year’s Met Gala 2019 Costume Exhibition is “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” No, not camp as in sleeping bags and tents, but camp as in exaggerated fashion. The exhibit is inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay that defines camp as “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.”

Camp fashion can be humorous, ironic, or simply extreme in its nature, meaning you can already expect Lady Gaga and Rihanna to slay this year’s red carpet.

Featuring both men’s and womenswear, the Met’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion” exhibition will feature over 200 pieces of fashion, along with sculptures, paintings, and drawings from the 17th century through today. The works of designers from Virgil Abloh to Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Rei Kawakubo, Mugler, Bob Mackie, Karl Lagerfeld, and more will be featured in the exhibit. Fresh off the Couture Week runways, the Viktor & Rolf slogan couture gowns that sparked an endless stream of memes will also be on display.

On fashion’s biggest night, Miley Cyrus showed off a decidedly stripped-down look on social media.

The 26-year-old star turned heads by posting a topless photo of herself on Twitter as she documented her preparation to attend the 2019 Met Gala. The singer spent most of Monday getting ready for the star-studded event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. However, she took time out of her day to pose on what appears to be her hotel bed wearing only some polka dot leggings.

In addition to showing off her toned body ahead of the big event, Cyrus also sported a new haircut, which appears to have been freshly done prior to the photo being taken. She had long blonde hair and bangs as she looked seductively at the camera with her arms covering her breasts while preparing to don her final outfit for the evening.

The polka dot leggings made their way to the Met Gala red carpet as Cyrus stuck to the “camp” theme by wearing a green and black sequin dress that cut high on her thigh with platform boots. On her right side, the dress stuck out to the side like a piece of folding paper. She credited designer Saint Laurent for her fashion.

This is hardly the first time that Cyrus has used social media to strip down for her fans. She commemorated the Easter holiday by posting an older topless photo of herself with bunnies covering her nipples as well as some more-current sexy snaps. Prior to that, she posed naked in the desert to announce she was “ready to party” for festival season.

It is obvious that Lady Gaga knows how to make a grand entrance. The “A Star is Born” actress kicked off the annual Met Gala in New York City on Monday with Four outfit changes on the carpet, her first look being a Brandon Maxwell-designed neon pink cape dress, which featured an extra-long train. The 33-year-old Oscar-winning singer accessorized with an oversized matching-colored bow in her hair.

The One Directioner, who is co-hosting the event in New York City, arrived with Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele, who is also co-chairing the evening.

Kim Kardashian has made her grand entrance to the 2019 Met Gala, wearing a skin-tight dress nude dress that may or may not defy the laws of physics. The reality star showed up to the event wearing a nude, body-hugging Mugler dress that made her waist nearly invisible, dripping in beads and sequins. Her husband Kanye West, on the other hand, laid low in a black jacket and pants.

Overall, a wonderful array of textures, designs, colors and cultures, amongst a spectrum of stars.

Russell Craig

Taiwanese Fashion Designer, Sami Chen made her way to America at a young age to pursue her dream of becoming a top designer in the fashion world.

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Sami Chen

Over the years, her journey to success was met with adversity, but she had an extremely strong support system in her Mother.  Her Mother’s love and support helped Sami get through the challenges of the fashion industry.   That same love and support became the inspiration for Sami’s work.  Sami Chen’s designs are a restoration of pure love for design and a space of non-judgment, an open forum – For the craft. For the idea. For the person. Chen’s design lies in her personality, functionality, and her universality. She developed a physical and mental space for creation using her imagination and connection to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, as a metaphor of how it was like for her to move to America.

Her meticulous attention to detail, her vision, creativity and passion for design, have thrusted Sami Chen to the forefront of the fashion community with her own clothing brand, Happyfish Designs.

Happyfish Designs, utilizes a number of bold ideas that are unique and innovative, placing her brand as a trendsetter in the fashion world.

With Sami’s collections, she uses a series of original flat pattern making techniques to create a median between contemporary & high end womenswear. Sami continues to finalize new designs as well as capture her creativity for future collections. With such an extraordinary and brilliant mind, she has set the bar high for new and discovering designers that come after.

As she manufactures and distributes trendsetting fashion, she continues to generously support, The Cristian Rivera Foundation. As she opened the 2019 New York Fashion Week with her mind blowing runway show that involved Miss America’s, Nia Franklin, alongside life size robots, Sami dedicated her special opening event to The Cristian Rivera Foundation. With Outstanding designs and breathtaking models, she continues to use her talents to help The Cristian Rivera Foundation raise awareness and money for kids battling D.I.P.G and other forms of pediatric brain cancer.

With all the success in such a short period of time, the young Sami Chen does not stop here. Talented, beautiful and well respected, Sami Chen is just getting started in achieving her goal of placing Happyfish Designs as a global leader in the fashion industry.

Miss America walks alongside lifesize robots in Sami Chen’s “Sound of Fashion” show

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NYC- area fashion lovers checked out some of CRF supporter, Sami Chen of Happyfish Designs most recent work at the event opener in the 2019 New York Fashion Week yesterday. All while benefiting, The Cristian Rivera Foundation. This exclusive show featured Miss America, Nia Franklin, walking the runway alongside life-size robots. All proceeds raised was donated to The Cristian Rivera Foundation as they further their research in hopes to finding a cure for DIPG. Through the event, designer Sami Chen, used futuristic technology while incorporating it with her latest fashion collection in yesterday’s show, “Sound of Fashion”. While creativity roamed the air, the talented artist, Pesu, painted live as the show went on. Miss America, Nia Franklin blew us away with her astonishing vocal performance. Inspired by music and the arts, Chen took her musical talents to another career that allowed her to express creativity all while designing clothes for women’s fashion. Chen’s models rocked the runway in her beautifully designed wedding dresses to classy ensembles. We were drawn to the idea of Miss America and robots on stage at such an iconic event. The fashion show raised awareness and contributed to taking the foundation one step closer to reaching a world where the cure for DIPG can exist. Bold and beautiful!

Flora Montes, is the Founder and President of Bronx Fashion Week

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Flora Montes

Bronx native, Flora Montes, is the Founder and President of Bronx Fashion Week. After the loss of her daughter, Montes worked with several organizations in the effort to give back to others in her community. She is a woman of purpose and flexibility; she has and is willing to do it all. The former chef has expanded her venture to working on Bronx Fashion Week, poetry, writing, and various practices of philanthropy.

Urban environments like the Bronx are often associated with aspects of violence and crime. Anyone from a similar background can often attest to the negativity that has been depicted over a place they call home. Montes serves as a trailblazer of her community. It is essential for her to exemplify the beauty and talent of her borough in order to put the Bronx on the map. With this platform, Montes is advocating for more opportunities for young people. She envisions partnering with more Bronx-based community organizations and giving back on a larger scale. So far, the Bronx Fashion Week has helped launch many events and small businesses. Overall, Montes would like to encourage entrepreneurial spirits and bring ideas to life. Her lasting impression and legacy for children and young adults is to teach them that they have the ability to succeed. The children and young adults need to know that if they want it bad enough, they have to sacrifice, hard work, and get an education.

Flora Montes has also performed notable work with G.I.R.L organization serving as a mentor. When asked about commonalities she has constructed about the upcoming generation of women she declared that young women are finding success and creating new paths, and we need to celebrate that. As a woman of inclusion, she recognizes elder women who are continuously establishing a name for themselves. There are women starting things later in their life, concurring that “age is nothing but a number.”

Montes is an inspiration to all people. Whether you are a native of an urban environment, Montes can teach you about seeing the beauty in what seems to be destruction. If you are suffering from a loss, she is a person you can vent to about channeling your sorrow into a driving force. Lastly when society pressures you to confine to one profession, spread your wings like Montes and pursue all that you can. With a light-hearted spirit, anything is possible through the divine intent of being for the greater good.


by Tiarra Miller

Savage X Fenty

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With much success of Rihanna’s Fenty makeup and clothing collection. The popstar has expanded her horizon with an extension on launching a lingerie line. This lingerie line is claimed to be as inclusive as her makeup collection. Her team has lost their tiny minds and devalued the dominiate standard of beauty. Rihanna has demonstrated with her Fenty makeup collection that quality makeup products are accessible for women of all shades; thus, she is reinforcing her idea of inclusion through availability in size arrangement. Consumers are thrilled for the release of this new product. Rihanna is argued to be a style icon of this present time. Fans have argued that anything Rihanna wears she makes look great. Savage X Fenty will make the perfect gift for any wife, mother, friend, or sister because it is embedded to have that princess RiRi touch that the world admires. There is an even more personal connection to an artist when one can embrace the artistic choice in each alignment of the overall material. From sheer fluffy lilac robes to laced corsets, the entire collection is available now and ships to the UK.

by Tiarra Miller

Michael Kors

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Michael Kors is an American fashion designer. He is the Director, and Chief Creative Officer for Michael Kors Holdings Limited. The Michael Kors line was launched in 2004. They have luxury watches, and wearable technology that benefits men and women. They also have handbags, shoes, and other female apparels. Many celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez have dressed in his design. Michael Kors stores are functioning in countries such as France, England, Brazil, and others. In 2013, he won the couture council award for artistry of fashion.  Michael Kors is mostly known for his sophisticated designs that fit all shapes. He is very diverse which allows him to reach any audience. Michael Kors is one of the leading American fashion designers. His work continues to inspire many other designers to not give up and chase their dream.

By Monica Legerme

Kanye West launches Yeezy Jewelry Collection

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Kanya Fashion

On Friday, April 7, 2017 rapper Kanye West announced to the public the launch of his jewelry collection with Jacob Arabo. The jewelry collection features gold rings and gold pendant necklaces. Kanye West’s inspiration for his collection was Italian Art. The cost of his jewelry ranges from $1,530 to $13,000. The most expensive piece in his collection is an 18 carat gold necklace. People can purchase his jewelry collection at

By: Emily Fermin

Highlights from Paris Fashion Week

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The fashion capital of the world Paris concluded its fashion week on Wednesday March 8, 2017. Down below are the signature looks from the world’s top designers, Stella McCarthy, Valentino, Balenciaga, Dior and Lanvin.

Stella McCarthy- A trench coat is an important thing to have in your closet. Stella McCarthy had many models wearing different types of trench coats in her fashion show. This look shows how a trench coat can enhance a person’s outfit. By having a trench coat you can use it for multiple seasons and can get lots of use out of them.
Valentino– This look is perfect for music festivals especially for Coachella. This look is very Goth, indie and hippie inspired. This outfit can make a woman feel confident since it is sheer but it covers woman in all the right places.
Balenciaga– This is the perfect work outfit that every woman needs. Black is the go-to color that a person needs in their closet. By having black boots and black sweaters you can mix and match your outfit with other items in your closet.
  Dior– This look is the signature “French” look. When people think of France they imagine people wearing a beret and wearing black. This look shows again how trench coats are dominating fashion week.
Lanvin– This outfit shows how having a sheer top can enhance an outfit. Sheer tops can show how much confidence you have about your body and take your outfit to the next level. By having a sheer top it can show a woman’s feminine side.

By: Emily Fermin

Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

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We are 4 weeks from spring and the question is: what is going to be the spring/summer trends?

We all know that florals never gets old but we want something different for this season. Here are some ideas of how not go wrong with your spring outfit!

One of the colors that will be a trend for the season is the shocking pinks. Bright pinks, candy pinks will be a good color to have in your closet. Just in case you don’t think the bright is what you want you have the options of light pinks as well as nude.

The street style has been grown the past 2 years. Each day we see more new brands with the street style on the runways. Another trend this spring will be the urban sports style parkas with light materials like nylon.

Last but not least and my favorite trend this spring, will be stripes, geometric prints and a lots of colors.


Juliana Pinheiro


Spring Trends of 2017

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White Shirt Dress: A new trend in spring 2017 is the white shirt dress. This ensemble can be dress to be casual or dressy.

Khaki Outfit: In the Mercedes Benz NYC Spring 2017 fashion week, khaki was a major trend. Every top designer had their models dress in khaki.

Trench Coat: The number one item for outwear is a trench coat. It is light weight and people can use it every day.

Floral Print: Floral print never gets old. It is essential to have floral print since it is spring. This type of print can bring out a women’s girly side.


Emily Fermin