Support young entrepreneurs breaking into the fashion industry: NYC Tastemakers Designer of the month

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Message From the Designers:

Sophisticated Genius Clothing Brand is the brainchild of two urban intellectuals who saw the need for a unique product in the “copy paste” world that we live in. It seems as though originality and creativity are shunned upon in our society. We as Sophisticated Geniuses strive to provide a sense of oneself through our creativity and hope that our customers do the same. Our brand is for those few that understand that going against the grain is cool, and that fashion is really what you make it. Our slogan “Stay True and Just Do You” is the recurring message in all of our designs, and is reemphasized through our signature logo “Cham the Zebra”. Cham, coming from Chameleon, represents the versatility of our brand and the Zebra for the sophisticated black and white look. The wearers of this brand master distinction of Sophistication in any setting whether relaxed, casual, or professional.

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