Dress Codes to Disrupt Peaceful Education?

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Students from the highly celebrated specialized NYC public high school Stuyvesant have recently been subject to an administrative ban on revealing summer clothing. The new dress code prohibits students from showing their shoulders and stomachs, as well as only allowing skirts and shorts that go past students’ middle fingers when laying their arms at their sides.

Stuyvesant has always been known for having top tier students and with academics the primary focus, administrators want to eliminate as many distractions as possible. However, for students that work as hard as these, some are protesting the dress code, citing unfair punishment to freedom of expression. Students feel that the administrators are unfairly targeting “curvy” girls for revealing the same amount as non-curvy ones and that those girls are the ones sought after to wear the unsightly baggy gray t-shirts.

Last Wednesday, the protests came to a boiling point with more than 100 students showing up to school and peeling off sweatshirts to “redress the dress code.” Administrators stopped handing out t-shirts and students thought they won a battle. But if history is any indication, Stuyvesant administrators are probably just waiting for the ruckus to die down before they firmly put students back in their places. I guess we won’t be seeing any more tank tops in nerd high anymore.

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