Highlights from Paris Fashion Week

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The fashion capital of the world Paris concluded its fashion week on Wednesday March 8, 2017. Down below are the signature looks from the world’s top designers, Stella McCarthy, Valentino, Balenciaga, Dior and Lanvin.

Stella McCarthy- A trench coat is an important thing to have in your closet. Stella McCarthy had many models wearing different types of trench coats in her fashion show. This look shows how a trench coat can enhance a person’s outfit. By having a trench coat you can use it for multiple seasons and can get lots of use out of them.
Valentino– This look is perfect for music festivals especially for Coachella. This look is very Goth, indie and hippie inspired. This outfit can make a woman feel confident since it is sheer but it covers woman in all the right places.
Balenciaga– This is the perfect work outfit that every woman needs. Black is the go-to color that a person needs in their closet. By having black boots and black sweaters you can mix and match your outfit with other items in your closet.
  Dior– This look is the signature “French” look. When people think of France they imagine people wearing a beret and wearing black. This look shows again how trench coats are dominating fashion week.
Lanvin– This outfit shows how having a sheer top can enhance an outfit. Sheer tops can show how much confidence you have about your body and take your outfit to the next level. By having a sheer top it can show a woman’s feminine side.

By: Emily Fermin

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