Watches for the Summer

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Watches are one of the best accessories that a man can have. Pulling out your phone to check the time, even if you have the latest and most expensive smart phone, just isn’t as suave as checking your shiny watch. In the summer heat, while everyone is wearing short sleeve tees and button ups, adding a watch to your outfit will definitely be noticeable. Watches by Nixon are some of my favorites because of the simplicity yet creativity of the models. Some models, like “The Newton”, or “The Score”, give a loud bold statement while others are more elegant and refined such as “The Capital” and “The Mayor”. Having an overall theme to your accessories is a good way to pull them off with your outfit. For example a gold Capital by Nixon can compliment a Basic Wayfarer Black/Gold Sunglasses by RetroSuperFuture along with any gold, silver, or black chain you may already have! Being that watches are usually the most expensive accessory of all, I advise to pick a watch you’ll love and to buy the rest of your items based off coordinating with the watch. Enjoy the summer and look fresh!

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