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Women have always been known for creating their own style of dress, whether it included a fancy accessory or scarf to set off their outfit. Every now and then there have been fashion trends that were considered a “hit” or “miss.” Lately the new trend has been custom (artsy) nail designs that have gained a lot of publicity on various blogs and websites.

Recently a nail shop based in London by the name of WAH Nails has generated the utmost admiration for their funky nail creations. The nail shop was founded by Sharmadean Reid. At first WAH kicked off in 2005 where it was a little urban shop that provided their female clientele with clothing and NIKE sneakers. It was in 2008 that Reid made the decision to go mainstream with nail art that her and her friends have been wearing for years.

Since the opening of WAH Nails in 2009 at the East London location they have been generating a buzz throughout the media. Recently WAH Nails has collaborated on various projects with VANS and Prada while also making an appearance at Marc Jacobs Pop-up nail bar.

WAH nails have a website for people to view their latest nail designs.

Visit for more information.

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