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Amal Clooney in Vintage Chanel

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Amal Clooney debuted a sequined piece from Chanel’s Spring 1963 Haute Couture collection at the Women of Impact dinner in Switzerland. The lawyer and activist made an appearance with her husband, George Clooney, for a night that celebrates women around the world. Clooney wisely chose to pair her look with pumps, drop statement earrings, and a velvet evening clutch. Sarah Wasilak explains, “The fit-and-flare features a chiffon contrast ribbon and a loose top, so as to create the illusion of a coordinated set.”

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A former Versace store clerk is suing the luxury fashion house on the grounds of discrimination. The clerk is accusing a Versace store in the San Francisco Bay Area of using a secret “black code” to indicate that a black shopper has entered the store. In the 30-page lawsuit, “…the manager instructed the plaintiff to say ‘D410’ in a casual manner when a black person entered the store…[to] alert co-workers.” TMZ reported the clerk had been fired only weeks after telling the manager he was African-American. The clerk also claims to have been told he lost his

position because he hadn’t “lived the luxury life.” He is suing for unpaid wages and damages. Versace, of course, has denied the allegations and have requested a dismissal of the suit. As you may recall, Versace was accused of racism earlier this year. The fashion house was scrutinized for what appears to be a promotion for teen pregnancy in an ad featuring Gigi Hadid.

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Gerard Gagliano

Franca Sozzani, 1950 – 2016

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After battling a long illness, Vogue Italia editor-in-chief has passed away at the age of 66. Sozzani is described as “one of the greatest editors who ever made a magazine,” a “trail blazer and a True Rebel,” and “warm, clever, funny.” In 2008, Sozzani produced an “all black” issue, featuring black models only. The issue was an international hit!  Sozzani was also a goodwill ambassador to fashion for the UN and helped fashion workers in Africa and Asia in raising money to fight hunger. US Vogue editor Anna Wintour had this to say, “She made everything she worked on appear effortless, regardless of whether it was an event for several hundred; a whirlwind trip to Africa to support the continent’s emerging designers; or the creation of yet another newsworthy, provocative, and utterly spellbinding issue of Italian Vogue.” Sozzani was also the recipient of the Swarovski award for positive change. NYCTastemakers offers our condolences to Sozzani’s family and friends.

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 Gerard Gagliano


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2016 International Model of the Year winner, Gigi Hadid, poses nearly nude wearing nothing but the Stuart Weitzman clinger boot. The beautiful and talented model looks stunning in black and white. The satin boots boast a sultry and sexy appeal and are now on everyone’s wishlist! Shot by Mario Testino, the label’s Spring 2017 campaign has definitely caught our attention! Hadid had designed a pair of shoes for Stuart Weitzman back in October. ““This experience has been such a thrill, from choosing the style to selecting materials to creat the signature box. I am so excited to finally share these boots and be able to wear them myself,” Hadid said. We can’t wait to see what else the young model has in store!


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Birth of a New Fashion Line: Ivy Rose

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Coming Soon, Ivy Rose presents her new Graphic clothing line showcasing your favorite Anime, Artist, Cartoons and bands. Hand drawn artwork to display to your friends and family.

Alexa ivy rose Schwab was born in Staten Island where she then moved to New Jersey at 5 years old. She was very behind with education because Marlboro, the town she moved to was more advanced than Staten Island. She turned to her creativity. At a young age she found comfort in interior decorating. She loved to constantly create and keep her mind busy. While her mother always imagined her taking over the family dental business she knew that wasn’t for her. People would constantly look to her for fashion advice and her family would insist she take up fashion as her major in college but to her it was a dime a dozen.


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Star Trek bring fashion into the world!

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Want to show your love for Star Trek while looking gorgeous at the beach? The geek-loving geniuses over at ThinkGeek have finally created a line of swimwear to let fans engage in a little Star Trek cosplay on their next trip
to the beach and proudly display their love of The Next Generation.

fashion-2The new additions to the Trek lineup from the geek-inspired Fairfax, Va.-based company are far from the only wearables available to the masses. In fact, everything from baby onesies to oven mitts and pajamas can be found along with t-shirts, sweatshirts and a bit of everything else. The initial Star Trek: TNG Trekini lineup includes pieces for fans of the engineering (red), science (blue) and command (gold) ranks as well as a “cover-up romper” and a swim shirt in the unique style of Enterprise counselor Deanna Troi. The new pieces range from $39.99 to $59.99, but they are far from the only clothing options for Trekkers. (And clearly somebody out there interested because this new line was trending on Facebook today.)




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Fourth Of July Style Ideas That Are Not Gimmicky

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It’s that time of year again! The time when proud Americans gather far and wide adorned in Red, White and Blue apparel , gathering around Backyards and Beaches proclaiming how proud they are to be American or just to show off their trendy Stars and Striped outfits. Well, this year keep in mind , you can be patriotic without being corny. Here are some style ideas that may bring out your inner Fashionista.


 Try pairing polka dots with solids.

We all know Stars and Stripes are a thing of forever. But you don’t have to be so literal. Try this look on for size. Pair a top much like this Dorthy Perkins cutback top with nicely taliored Burberry London pants and a Blzaer. Add accessories like a stylish Michael Kors bag and Cesare Paciotti shoes. Heels too high? Opt out for a solid colored flat or sandal. If these designers are a little pricey for your budget, Stores like Forever21, Bakers, New York and Co may suit you.



 Keep the flag design to a minimum.

If you can not shake the urge to wear ” The Grande Ole Flag” please refrain from going overborad. Since the new fashion trend is “All White”, try wearing an all white outfit with  a Patriotic shoe like the classic  Converse All Stars, Jeffery Campbell Heels or to spruce up your look to match up with the traditional fireworks, the glow in the dark American flag kicks by Adidas ft. Jeremy Scott.































So for this Fourth of July , don’t forget to be sleek, creative and ready to look your best and stand out! Mix and match patterns, play with different shades of  Red, White and Blue. Try Burgundy, Sky Blue, Cremes or Beiges. Whichever you decide, do it well and own it. Remember, less is more. Have fun!


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Lynette Millard

Models Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner shows sneak peak at the red carpet

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Fashion - Oliver Rousteing and models Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jennee


Just when you thought you wanted Summer to last forever, HM gives us a reason to wish for fall. The brand director of Balmain Paris, Oliver Rousteing and models Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner gave us a sneak peek at the red carpet of the Billboard awards dressed head-to-toe in pieces of the upcoming collection.
HM has had an amazing past collaborating with designers such as Versace (twice!), Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli and Maison Martin Margiela. The collection won’t be available until November 5, 2015 at select HM shops in 250 countries. Skipping the Summer doesn’t sound too bad!


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The Beginning of Summer!

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Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching and that means it’s the (unofficial) beginning of summer! Time for barbecues, festivals, street fairs and good vibes! Nothing goes better with summer than white hot fashion! White on white ensembles are perfect for the summer because you’ll look hot while trying to stay cool.


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Move over skinny jeans

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The next time you walk into your favorite clothing store, chances are you’ll find loud prints, flared leg pants and airy delicate textures. Fashion has been feeling groovy lately! The latest trends have had a lot of influence from the 1970s – a huge difference from the camo/leather trend we had last Summer. Instead of bold and structured, we’ve got soft, ribbed, and rugged which is perfect for summer festivals.

Move over skinny jeans! I can finally walk around in my bell bottoms without getting side eyes! I’ve always loved styles from the 70s because they were comfortable more than anything. Clothing was either loose fitting, or tailored during the decade of post-Woodstock, protest and change. Ways that cool cats like you you can transition comfortably into this trend is to start off with a pair of wide leg pants. The difference between wide leg and flare leg pants is that flare leg slims along your thigh then billows out around your calves. Wide leg pants are wide fitting from hip to ankle. If you dont have lots of height for a flare leg, you can opt for culottes. Culottes are the newest trend this season. While a few might remember them as gauchos, these wide leg shorts can be dressed up with pumps or dressed down with sneakers, so they match anyone’s style!

Can you dig it?



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Evelyn Jean Francois