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Fox’s Global “Touch”

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It was January 25th when I sat down with my American Idol-obsessed sister who was in charge of the remote. It was one of the first episodes, so it was bound to be at least amusing. So I watched. Comfortable in my seat, I stayed put after the laughs were through, and I saw the beginning of what might be one of the greatest television series I’d seen in a long time.

Kiefer Sutherland filled the screen, and I knew I was in for a great show. You might be familiar with his 9-year-long run in 24, where he was no-nonsense Federal Agent Jack Bauer as a member of the L.A. Counter Terrorist Unit. The show was an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat type, where the entirety of the season was in the span of 24 hours. Remembering what a great series it was, I stayed glued to my seat for the “sneak preview” of Touch on FOX.

I was astounded at even the general storyline. FOX explains it as such:”Blending science, spirituality and emotion, the series will follow seemingly unrelated people all over the world whose lives affect each other in ways seen and unseen, known and unknown.”

Clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks highly of this show. It was the first U.S. series to immediately gain a global viewership. Touch earned the number one spot last week in the premiere in the United Kingdom and Spain, second in Italy and doubled and tripled primetime viewership in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico with much success in Germany, Norway and Russia as well. Touch premiered in the U.S. on Thursday, March 22nd with 13.4 million viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 with a 3.6 rating. I think I just solidified my plans for Thursdays for the next few months..

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Katie Campo


New Show Fashion Star Premieres with a Positive First Episode

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Fashion Star

I was one of the 4.6 million viewers that tuned into the premiere of Fashion Star and I think I may have found a new favorite show. Coming from someone who makes a point not to get hooked to a show based on a busy schedule, it means something. The concept of the show is a fantastic opportunity not only for the aspiring designers, but for the companies as well.

Sak’s Fifth Avenue, H&M and Macy’s each featured designs that, as promised were buyable in-stores and online the next day. Below, find some designs that made the cut. The response was exciting: As of Friday morning all are sold out! Talk about on-demand.

I read reviews of the show and there was a lot of judgment on the number of viewers and damning the show to be just another unwatched attempt soon to be cancelled. I, however disagree. As with any premiere, viewers who’ve seen the commercials and ads and were interested enough will tune in immediately. Others wait to hear from their friends to consider it worth their time. I think that the show could eventually have a large viewer population.

One review I do agree with is that the show might benefit companies over the designers, but I feel that issue is remedied by the mentors having the overall last say in who leaves the show. Fashion is one of those things that is so subjective, it’s hard to say what looks good and what doesn’t. But in the world of business, it’s pretty much black and white. Either it can be sold or it can’t. We can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Good luck, future designers.

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Community Goes Back to School This Thursday

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Viewers will see some familiar faces on NBC this Thursday at 8pm when Community finally returns from its long hiatus. The show’s loyal fan base loves watching Jeff, Britta, Annie, Pierce, Troy and Abed every week as they have epic paintball tournaments, pay homage to movies like Pulp Fiction and Batman, and, in one episode, even live through seven different timelines of the same day. Community loves to turn the sitcom genre on its head and you never know what you’re going to get when you tune in, but it’s guaranteed to be funny. The return of Community is such an event that series star Joel McHale is doing a special comedy set at Caroline’s in New York City that includes a live viewing of the show’s first new episode since December. If you haven’t seen Community yet, be sure to check it out on NBC this Thursday at 8pm.

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Lindsay Lohan Named Latest Host on Saturday Night Live’s Hottest Season

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Saturday Night Live has been on a hot streak this season with plenty of first-time hosts, talked-about musical performances (hello, Lana Del Rey) and unexpected guest cameos. Just this past week, the hilarious and multi-talented Justin Timberlake showed up for not one but two cameos, including a very funny takedown of recent Grammy winner Bon Iver. Amy Pohler showed up for some “Bronx Beat,” and even Fox News host Bill O’Reilly made an appearance on Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Member Kenan Thompson’s popular sketch “What Up With That?” Even if you haven’t been keeping up with SNL this season, you won’t want to miss the next new episode on March 3 when the host will be none other than Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay’s been spending more time in the courts than on the movie sets lately. Has she still got it? And will she be willing to make fun of herself in light of all her recent troubles? We’ll find out March 3.

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