Month: April 2019

35 ‘Foot Soldiers’ for Mexican Mafia Charged in Scheme to Smuggle Drugs Hidden in Their Bodies Into San Bernardino Co. Jails

I have battled GANGS all over the world in over 40 years. I have never come across anything like this before…..NEVER, NEVER, NEVER The MEXICAN MAFIA has a lock down on most of the Prisons in California. They run their gang like a para-military organization with a strict ranking and command structure. Here they are […]

Negron: Tip of the Cap Helps ALS Battler Dan Colon

Negron: Tip of the Cap Helps ALS Battler Dan Colon

Dan Colon is a 52-year old baseball player from the sandlots of New York and New Jersey. As a kid, he lived in the Bronx and Manhattan. Like most kids of that era, he had the dream of playing in the big leagues. Dan was a very good player, a third baseman, but he fell […]

Urban poetry

My poetry derives from poverty, drugs guns, cold bodies and teary eyes. As a youngen my dreams got side tracked when my father got sent back. I wanted to be in the military, I would’ve enlisted after high school and been a soldier like many other men in my family. I knew that’ll get me […]

MS 13 Update

Our #1 Priority is to stalk, shadow and weaken MS-13……….where ever they might be. Below is an example of the continuing problem. As politicians argue about what to do………MS-13 continues to survive and grow. This MS-13 member was arrested for manslaughter in May of 2000. He stabbed an illegal outside of a Deli in Huntington, […]

Mayor & Paterson Police Ask for More Guardian Angels Help

At the Annual Palm Sunday March for Peace through the streets of crime ridden Paterson, New Jersey Mayor Andrea Sayegh made a personal plea for more Guardian Angels and more Junior Guardian Angel programs. Paterson’s 4th ward is an open air drug market with open prostitution day and nite. It reminds me of what it […]

Negron: Hank, A Regular Guy

Negron: Hank, A Regular Guy

Frank Tack baseball field, Clearwater, Florida. It was a warm and somewhat foggy night. Two teams are battling it out. Mostly teenagers and guys in their twenties. The only exception is 57-year old Aris Sakellaridis, the oldest guy in the league. It had been a pretty uneventful game until the 6th inning when all of […]

Mississippi Guardian Angels

Things are so bad crime wise in Jackson, Mississippi that thieves are stealing the wheels right off of the Jackson PD squad cars. Benni Jones is our GA Chapter Leader in Jackson, Mississippi. As you can imagine the problems are spread out all over Jackson.  To Increase their efforts………Benni  Jones and the Jackson GA are […]

Negron: “Love At First Bite”

Negron: “Love At First Bite”

Last week I had the pleasure of having my off Broadway play, “Batboy, A Yankee Miracle,” performed by my cast in Hernando County, Florida, for the U.S. Veterans and First Responders. I also got to do two, one-man shows with the original music of the incredible Alex Martin for the Admiral Farragut Academy in St. […]

Vampiro Visits NYC Guardian Angels

This weekend NY/NJ is hosting WRESTLEMANIA at the Meadowlands.. VAMPIRO who is the Guardian Angel who set up the Guardian Angels in Mexico City is in town with other Wrestlers. He has become our “International Guardian Angel Ambassador”. Rather than attending the many parties…… he choose instead to patrol with the NYC Guardian Angels as […]

Our Guardian Angels in Mexico City operate in the most populated city in the world (Pop: 20 million)

In addition to patrolling they are involved in Emergency Response Situations. They have helped around Mexico in the aftermath of Earthquakes. They are constantly training and preparing as First Responders. Plus they do tremendous Outreach with other community organizations.

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