Hello 911 police fire or paramedic? Please please someone is following me! Where are you? Ma’am ? Hello?…..
Don’t say a word! Give me your wallet, she kicks and scratches, he punches and slaps, she’s down. Why are you doing this to me? Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up! He feels this over powering feeling with her almost unconscious body laying there with his knife cutting the top layer of flesh. Are you going to do as I say? Yes yes please just don’t kill me, I’m married with kids, I have a family. He knocks her out, he can’t have the passer buyers hear her wailing while he got her at knife point in a dark alley.
Her shirt is ripped off, her drained was raised, panties lowered, now she’s sexually violated by some man that’s crazed, he enters her, she awakens to him on top, she yells stop stop but it’s just a whisper, her jaw is broken from when he hit her, he strokes and at the same time he’s choking her, she gasp for just a small amount of air.
She’s trying to remember her surroundings because his face shell never forget, thick mustache, matching brows, a mole over his right eye, he was missing a few teeth, she notice when he would speak. She’s bruised all over her face. from trying unsuccessfully to prevent penetration so she has vaginal scrapes. Act after act after act , he rapes me for hours.
My body is sore I can’t take anymore, here’s my chance, while he’s recuperating from the last attack I get my final chance to escape, I scratch his face so hard my nails are manicured with his skin, I wrestle from underneath him and run I run for my life in the wrong direction, I ran to a dead end. He’s coming after me, I’m so scared I pissed all over myself. He charges me with his knife, he swings to stab but I raise my hands expecting death, then I hear freeze drop the knife, he try’s swinging again, blam blam the cops take his life.
Shots fired 1019 shots fired, perp down. Ma’am are you ok? The police help the staggering almost lifeless body into their patrol car and speed of to the hospital.
When the attacker attacked her while she was talking to the 911 dispatcher, she dropped her phone, but the operator didn’t hang up, she heard the entire fuss while tracking the call on gps. That’s how the police were led to her location. If it wasn’t for that operator there would of been a dead innocent girl and a free to roam rapist!
Infinite the poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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