3 Technology-Free Habits to Include in Your Daily Routine

Ever feel like time goes by quicker when you’re mindlessly scrolling on your smartphone? Despite the undeniable convenience technology provides, eventually, this will come at a cost to other aspects of your life. 

Data reports find that worldwide, people spend an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes per day looking at their phones. Too much technology can have detrimental effects on our lifestyle, health, and even our relationships with people. It’s important to set boundaries with our technology use to ensure that there is a proper balance being made. 

Here are the top three technology-free habits to include in your daily routine:

Go on a walk- Yes, it’s actually time to touch some grass! Even if it’s for an hour or two, studies find that taking walks or simply being outside improves mental health, burns calories, and increases energy levels. With the workforce culture shifting to remote, it is essential that you are not spending your time indoors behind a computer all day, as it will eventually take a toll on you. Take your pet or a loved one with you to share this time with; you won’t regret it!

Journal- With the constant bombardment of other people’s thoughts and opinions from social media, it can be hard to hear your own. We constantly have thoughts ruminating in our minds, so why not grab a pen and write them down? Don’t worry about if it makes sense or if the spelling is correct; it’s therapeutic to just let it out. It’s important to slow down time and take a minute to show gratitude for the things, experiences, and people in your life. 

Be Sociable- I know the introverts probably rolled their eyes at this one but WAIT! Take a minute and strike up a conversation with at least one person you don’t know. Even if it’s a compliment or asking about their day is a simple way to connect with actual people. While there is always a bad apple, most people are pretty friendly and desire connection just as much as you do. Humans are social creatures, and we need to feel some sense of community or belonging. Interestingly enough, you might even make a friend or get the chance to hear a good story. 

Life is too short; make sure to live it beyond the screen. 


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