5 AAPI brands to add to your beauty routine

It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! From upholding centuries-old cultural practices to challenging the status quo, the AAPI community has had a large impact on the beauty industry. 

Here are five AAPI-founded beauty brands you should invest in. 

1. Hero cosmetics

Over-the-counter acne treatments that actually work can be hard to find, but Hero Cosmetics is here to save the day. After learning Koreans were using hydrocolloid patches to treat pimples, cofounder Ju Rhyu brought the idea to the U.S. She launched the brand with one product: the Mighty Patch, a vegan sticker spot treatment that works overnight to treat pimples. Since then, the brand has expanded to cleansers, toners, and serums. 

2. Sahajan

Ayurvedic skincare brand, Sahajan, was founded by Lisa Mattam, a former pharmaceutical executive. She worked with Ayurvedic doctors from her hometown to develop a line of skin, hair, and body care products packed with natural ingredients (turmeric, hempseed, black cumin). The brand is currently sold on Amazon, Credo, and the Detox Market. One product, Lip Karma, is in partnership with Plan International’s Because I Am a Girl initiative. For every lip balm sold, the brand “provides one day of school for a girl in a developing country.”

3. Tatcha

This Japanese skincare brand was created by Vicky Tsai, who began studying natural Japanese ingredients after a visit to Kyoto. Tatcha is widely known for its Camellia Cleansing Oil. Another fan favorite is Tatcha’s Texture Tonic as an exfoliator and the Silk Serum as a gentle retinol alternative. 

4. Kulfi Beauty

Let’s switch over to makeup, shall we? Founder Priyanka Ganjoo created Kulfi Beauty as a celebration of the South Asian community through self-expression and beauty. The brand has a range of rainbow kajal liners, and new launches this year include blush and concealer with medium and deep skin tones in mind.

5.  Tower 28

Tower 28 is a clean beauty brand and fan favorite among celebrities and makeup artists with its easy-to-apply vegan formula. The brand’s formula is made for those with sensitive skin because founder Amy Liu has had eczema her entire adult life. Tower 28 has been certified by the National Eczema Association, and all of its products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist tested. 

Check out a comprehensive list of AAPI-founded beauty brands here!


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