5 Popular 2020 Skin Care Trends

Skin care is all the rage these days, especially with the extra time people have at home to dedicate to their routines! Everyone wants a smooth, dewy look and will try multiple methods to achieve it. This year is the perfect time to test out new products and find what works for you! Here are some of the biggest skin care trends in 2020 so far!

  1. Natural Skin Care

Consumers this year are looking for products that are free of chemicals, alcohols, and fragrances among other things. The skin care industry this year has been very responsive to the consumers’ desires to know what goes into their products and wishes to keep chemicals out. Products this year include superfoods, simple plant-based products, and chemical-free skin care. One trend that has been well-liked in natural skin care has been vegan beauty. Vegan products have become more popular in recent years as vegan lifestyles have grown more common and crossed into the beauty industry. These vegan products are also cruelty-free and plant-based, making them a natural and good option for clean skin care! Ingredients like CBD have also become big in skin care and offer a natural alternative for skin care products!

  1. Personalized Products

Some of the latest developments in skin care involve creating products based on each person’s specific needs and concerns. With many brands, you can take quizzes on their website that will determine what type of skin care products you need and then you can get personalized products for your concerns. Even major brands like Olay and Neutrogena have begun to combine technology with skin care to assess and analyze your skin!

  1. SPF and Anti-Pollution

Another popular skin care trend has been the use of products to protect against environmental concerns. SPF has been wildly popular as a preventative and protective measure for your skin. The use of SPF has become an essential part of daily routines to protect the skin from the sun. SPF has been worked into many skin care products including moisturizers and foundations. Anti-Pollution and other protective measures have also become popular to prevent the skin from aging and to protect it from other harmful damages. The latest products contain specific antioxidants that are geared towards environmental damage. 

  1. Upcycling

Protecting the environment has also become apart of this year’s skin care trends. With the rise of concern for the environment, many brands are committed to using environmentally-conscious practices such as by using recyclable materials, using eco-friendly materials, and now through upcycling. Through upcycling, the product empties can be reused to create new products, such as earrings, as jewelry creators at CLED and skin care brand Town & Anchor are working together to do!

  1. Facial Massage

Facial massages are being added to daily skin care routines around the world! These treatments can lift and sculpt the face using just the hands. Sculpting bars and facial tools have also become quite popular to use in the new facial massaging routines!

There are so always new developments and creations in skin care that offer more options for all types of people! Test out new products and trends to find what works best for you and implement it in your new skin care routines!


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