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5 Reasons Why Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Should Become a Musical

Over the weekend, I watchedCruella, one of the latest additions to Disney’s streaming platform. The film blew me away; it was witty, dark, funny, and perfectly cast. After all, can it get any better than starring Emma Stone and Emma Thompson?

However, I was slightly disappointed by one aspect of the movie. Unlike in many Disney films, the characters of Cruella never burst out into song and choreographed dance. My desire to see Cruella and her cronies singing and dancing their way through Hell Hall led me to realize that Cruella could make for an amazing Broadway musical. Here are a few more reasons why:

  1. London would be a great setting for a musical. With its beautiful townhomes, cobblestone streets, and royalty-inspired fashion, the set and costumes for a Broadway Cruella could be spectacular.
  2. The 1970’s is the ideal era for dramatic, Cruella-esque music. The film featured several hit songs from the 1970’s, including Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good,” Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy,” and Blondie’s “One Way or Another.” Imagine if Cruella herself sang a 1970’s-inspired rock anthem as she paraded through the London streets.
  3. The musical format could allow the audience to see the dogs’ perspective. While Disney’s Cruella film was excellent in many ways, I felt that it could have related more directly to 101 Dalmatians given that it was advertised as a prequel. If Cruella were transformed into a musical, the Dalmatians could have a song about their impressions of the Baroness and their new owner, Cruella. This might help further connect the film to its 1961 predecessor, which is more focused on the Dalmatians than the human characters.
  4. A song could provide the perfect transition from Estella to Cruella. In the film, Estella decides to bring out her alter ego, Cruella, to provide a distraction at the Baroness’ black and white ball. If there were a musical version, Estella could sing a song while she dresses for the ball to clearly depict her transformation to her darker self.
  5. We already have the iconic song “Cruella De Vil!” I was sad to see that this classic song hardly had a role in the film, and I believe that audiences would be excited to see it played on Broadway.


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