5 Tips For This Winter’s Trends

If you’re preparing for staying in style this winter, you might need to head out to the store and get stocked up. This year’s winter fashion requirements will not be met by last year’s collection. Here are 5 things to shop for.

  1. Straight Leg Pants

Forget the skinny jeans and sweat pants. Straight leg, loosely fitting slacks will meet winter’s expectations. Do not go out and buy pants like your dad might wear. The key to this feature is to find the brightest neon color slacks you can imagine. They can even clash with the rest of your clothes, as a continuing trend from fall is clashing colors.

2. Dresses With Pants

When you aren’t wearing your slacks, you will need a knit dress. Both to fight the cold and to stay in style, you will want to wear jeans or leggings underneath. This can be a subtle pairing, but many people are daring to draw attention to the unlikely pair. This trend is easy to match with shoes, as it can be considered casual or classy.

3. Leather…Everything

If you’ve been out shopping this season, you might already know this. Stores are filled with both fake and real leather of every cut of clothing: dresses, jackets, shirts, and pants. You can wear leather on leather, or leather with cotton and polyester. It’s flexible, but I recommend leather all over.

4. Shimmering

Maybe sequins and glitter have only been things you’ve worn to a huge, elegant party, but consider every day your party this season. Glimmering tops and outerwear will be seen even during the most casual of events now.

5. Fur

This is not exactly new. You definitely might already have some fur in your closet, as fur never goes out of winter style. Faux fur is certainly more socially acceptable, and you will definitely look stunning in it.


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