5 Tips to Keep you Healthy During Quarantine

Living through a global pandemic was definitely not on any of our 2020 agendas. I’m sure almost everybody feels as if they were robbed of their time, freedom, and wellness during this period of turbulence, but it’s important to keep in mind that just because we were robbed of our routines doesn’t mean that we all get a free pass to ride out the rest of the year. 

I will admit, at the beginning of this quarantine; I was lazy and settled into the fact that I have nothing to do. However, the more I stayed in bed and binge watched every show known to man, the more I realized how much of a toll all this laziness was taking on both my physical and mental health. So, I want to let you all in on the 5 tips I’ve been living by to help me stay healthy and mindful throughout the current tough times we’re all going through. 

  1. Jog EVERY morning. Yes, I said every morning. 

I have found that jogging every morning has a plethora of benefits, primarily; it keeps me OUT of bed for the rest of the day. If you jog first thing in the morning, you tell your body that it’s time to wake up, and by moving around and taking a shower after your jog; you are guaranteed to stay awake for the rest of the day. Also, you’re basically getting in a work out from the early morning, which is always great! 

2. Get your diet on the right track. 

Now is the perfect time to put yourself in check. Since we’re all spending so much time at home, it’s the perfect time to cut out restaurant food and make room for healthier, homemade alternatives! Turn your grocery lists greener and buy more fruits and vegetables. Go to a farmer’s market (psst, that also doubles as self care and wholesome content!) Try sticking to healthier recipes that don’t include foods that are high in fats and sugars. Your body and mind will thank you! 

3. Try working out every other day. Or everyday. Trust me, I’m bored too. 

Working out is quintessential to keep your mind and body healthy. Stick to a 30 minute home workout routine that you can do either everyday or every other day to keep your body moving, cut out the laziness, and keep your mind healthy. You don’t need to go all out by buying weights and all these fancy gadgets and gizmos to workout, you simply need a space (your living room) and a drive. 

4. Pick up a mindful hobby. 

Essentially, we were given a pause button on our everyday lives for an indefinite amount of time. So, now is the time to read that book that you’ve had on the shelf, start that novel you’ve been meaning to write, or paint that picture that’s been waiting in your brain. Basically, now is the time to pick up a hobby that’ll help you both spend time wholesomely and be more okay with being by yourself and in your head. 

5. Drink your water, take your vitamins, and wash your hands. 

My last piece of advice will have to be to constantly drink your water (remember: 8 cups a day!) and to take your vitamins and other minerals that will help you keep your immune system in check while we are in the midst of a health crisis. Don’t panic and try to remain calm in this hard time, but remember to constantly wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a face mask!

By Bana Habash


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